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PeaceNet World News Service

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PeaceNet World News Service (PWN) consists of news publications delivered via e-mail, covering either a specific area of the world or an issue of global importance. Each day, three to ten articles along with a table of contents is delivered to you as a single e-mail message.

PWN brings you relevant news not found elsewhere. PWN is a non-profit, non-commercial service dedicated to a free and balanced flow of multi-sourced news featuring first-hand international news about the environment, human rights, development, the United Nations process and the work of non-governmental organizations.

The anchor of PWN is the Inter Press Service (IPS). IPS is ranked the world's fifth largest in terms of media clients. Virtually invisible in the United States, IPS aims to improve South->South and South->North news flows. Western news agencies tend to focus on political affairs, coups, crises and conflicts. IPS, however, delivers news that is analytical and contextualized, news that stresses global interdependence. IPS's writers are all local people covering the areas in which they live. IPS articles appear three days after copyright. In addition to IPS, PWN includes sample articles from the PeaceNet and EcoNet computer networks. Sources include the Pacific News Service, the United Nation Information Centre, Third World Network Features and others.



The cost of the PeaceNet World News Service is $4 per month for one digest, $2 per month for each additional digest.

Order Form for PeaceNet World News Digests

i. Valid IGC Account to bill for this service
IGC account name (UserID)
Password for that account

If you don't have an IGC User ID to bill to, we ask that you apply for a billing account prior to requesting this service. If you are unsure of what account to bill to, contact the IGC Billing Department (415-561-6100) before completing this form.

ii. Person to which PWN Digest(s) should be sent:
E-mail address
iii. Please Select Up to Four Digests:

The first digest is $4/month, additional digests are $2 each/month. You will be billed in advance for each quarter.

    International Issue Digests (worldwide coverage)
    Aid & Development
    Human Rights
    Labor Issues
    United Nations
    Regional Digests
    Eastern Europe
    Latin America Digests
    Latin America (entire region in English)
    America Latina (entire region in Spanish)
    Cuba (bilingual)
    Peru (bilingual)
    Africa Digests
    Africa - general overview of entire continent
    Southern Africa - Kalahari, Cape and Islands
    West Africa - Niger Basin
    West Central Africa - Congo-Logone
    North Africa - Maghreb and Niles
    Eastern Africa - Rift Valley and Red Sea

iv. How did you hear about PWN Digests?

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