This rpg system was designed to represent the fast-paced action of wuxia fantasy   films, a popular canon of Hong Kong action cinema.  It has been developed, however, be used for other action-oriented games.  It rejects the so-called realism of most rpgs in an attempt to produce a fast, simple system which is accessible to players who donít like rules but provides enough depth for flavour. It also aims to provide a simple system that retains the tactile pleasures of chucking huge handfuls of dice, a much neglected joy of roleplaying. 

HGT uses six sided dice - a whole lot of six sided dice.  The combat and crisis system revolves around choosing the colours of  dice in your pool to represent your fighting priorities.  This reduces the number of modifiers which you need to keep track of and allows for more intuitive combat decisions.  You are going to need a lot of red and white dice (which seem to be the easiest to come by) and a few yellow, grey, blue, green and black ones as well.  As the Ref you might want to get players to invest in their own dice as the ones sold by hobby shops are quite ridiculously expensive.  You might want to see if toy stores or newsagents have some as they tend to be more reasonably priced, though there are fewer options for more obscure colours. 

A player will probably want to get a number of red and white dice equal to their Martial Arts score (somewhere between 2 and 8) and probably about half as many of the other dice.  As a ref stick to the same equation, but total the Martial Arts of all players in the team so you have enough dice for all the bad guys.  As mentioned before,  this gets quite expensive so be prepared to share dice at the beginning.  Still, the game is free so why not splash out on dice? 

Some example dice sets:  

Minimal Set

(15 Dice)

Pro-Combat Set

(36 Dice)

Ref's Set, 4 players 

(72 dice!)
4 Red 
4 White
2 Blue
2 Green
3 Other Colours
8 Red
8 White
4 Yellow
4 Grey
4 Blue
4 Green
4 Black
16 Red
16 White
8 Yellow
8 Grey
8 Blue
8 Green
8 Black

1. Heroes 
2. Specialties 
3. Resolving a Crisis 
4. Fights 
5. Moves 
6. SFX 
7. Training 
Appendix A: Character Templates 
Appendix B: Series Ideas 


This game is still in its early stages.  If you play it, I would love to hear from you.  In particular I need to know about rules abuses so that I can try to fix them.  You can email me with comments. 


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These backgrounds look real fugly in 256 colour mode. If you are not using high colour windows, my apologies in advance.

HGT Links

Pecking Order

A single session introductory adventure for Heroic Golden Turbulence, suitable for new players or for conventions and demos.

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The Book of the Dark

This is the first world setting for Heroic Golden Turbulence.  It is currently being put together but some of the early materials are there for your consumption.  More as it gets written....


Mr Stiff Principal

A light and silly HGT setting for kungfu teenagers battling the forces of darkness.

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 Thanks to (in chronological order):  Tony Ellerd, John Harper, Jared Hayter, Spike Barlow, Phil Barrett, Carl Congdon

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