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Talislanta Resources (other peoples' pages)
John Harper's Talislanta Page
Check out the latest from the co-author of the Talislanta 10th Anniversary Edition!
The talislanta-l Mailing List
Join the die-hard Talislanta fans and creators online!
Mateusz Krepicz's Talislanta Central
This page is filled with scores of original material for Talislanta; a fantasy browser's delight
The Hand of Havoc campaign
Mateusz Krepicz's excellent campaign write-up
Aina's Talislanta Page
Includes a score of material by Psychedelic Goblin.
Talislanta FTP site
Contains a small collection of Talislanta articles, including Steve Sechi's cultural notes.
Roger Bonzer's Talislanta homepage
Contains some valuable references, as well as full coverage of Talislanta source material.
Wilson's Talislanta Notebook
Codex of the Moons

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