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Marvel G200-TV
PC Fan
October 1998

Matrox Developer Relations
Welcome to the Developer Relations section! This site provides up-to-date information geared specifically for software developers, hobbyists and academics who work with graphics technologies from Matrox. Please register on-line to gain complete access to the information you need. Feel free to contact the Developer Relations Team at any time if the development-related information you require is not here.

NOTE: This section  is not intended for hardware developers, system OEMs or integrators.  This content is strictly tailored to the needs of 2D, 3D and video software developers.

 More about...
Marvel G200-TV knocks them dead at HardwareCentral

Windows Video struck by Marvel G200-TV

Matrox Marvel G200: revolutionary technology for 1999

Chip Technology
Develop awesome 2D, 3D and video content after getting all the technical documentation you need.  This section features Chip Specifications, Direct3D Usage Guides, OpenGL information and many other necessary technical "bits n' bytes".

Developer Pricing (registered developers only - need password)
Standardize your entire development team with Matrox Graphics products. Get favorable developer discounts on everything in stock! (Upon approval from the Developer Relations Team).

DevRel Monthly Newsletter
Each month the Matrox DevRel team sends out an informative newsletter to the developer community. Make sure to read the latest newsletter or check out the archives.

Get the low-down on where you can find the Developer Relations Team next. They do the full gamut of industry events worldwide - from E3 and ECTS to CDGC and Meltdown Tokyo.

Contact Info
Need to get in touch with the Developer Relations Team?

Registration Form
Gain access to the Chip Technologies and Developer Pricing sections by filling out the Registration Form. All registration information is used only by the Developer Relations Team.

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