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Dave Pape - TX
Don't censor the net!!

John Pavel - TX
Thank you for standing strong for the rights of the unborn child. I was very proud of you when you appeared on Meet the Press last Sunday. Praise the Lord for men like you.
John Pavel

Ronald Walsh - MA
Great show in Iowa! On to bigger and better things in New Hampshire. Waiting for you in Mass. Go, Pat, go!

Bernhard Engelskircher - Germany
Please, make it this time. Congratulations so far! Magnificent page, really! You're doing a good job.

Theodore Kruppa - DE
Congrats on your recent success. Keep it up! No compromise, please! As a man you have won my respect and admiration, and as a Christian brother you have my love and my vote! Go, Pat, Go! You're my only hope as far as presidential nominees go.
BTW: How about Alan Keyes as a VP possibility? I Think he would solidify your campaign in everything that you stand for. You do not need anyone to "balance out" your views and beliefs... Again, No compromise, please. Love ya' and pray for ya'...!
Theodore Kruppa

Congrats on Iowa. Without Keyes you win!!! What a job. The only thing I like better than Notre Dame football is watching your campaign. Alexander is a smooth snake. Get him right away in NH. He sees a shining America. Make your theme "America the beautiful". He wants to have a six month congress. Impossible! Pollyanna B.S. Nail him on that. He comes off as an airhead if you listen to his remarks. He savaged Dole (age), you (your message not the party's), Forbes (tax plan a nutty idea), and he's a nice guy!? He's a snake. Nail him!! God bless you Pat.

Kathy Mathews - IL
Dear Pat,
I told my sister to vote for you yesterday in Iowa. I would love it so much, more than anything, to see you debate Clinton. Everybody I tell that to says "Oh yeah, that would be great". I hope you get the chance.

Mary Hervey - PA
Fantastic Iowa results! Have been praying for your continued success & telling all my friends & relatives about you. We'll win this time. Just sent voter registrations for both my daughter & son to vote Republican. My mother is also planning to vote for you. The country needs you now, more than ever. We're all with you. God Bless you. Just heard over CNN new concerns about the "drug of choice" plaguing our cities ... feared worse than CRACK. Janet Reno is up in arms about it.. Meth or Speed is the new demon. Coming in from MEXICO. Another reason to seal the borders & get rid of NAFTA.

Al Mousset - MA
Dear Pat,
You are America's last hope. I have supported you for a long time...We will support you again this time around.

Marie M. - PA
Dear Mr. Buchanan,
Congratulations so far. I hope when you win the Republican nomination you will consider Keyes as your Vice President. This, I feel, would be a "Slam Dunk." You couldn't have too much opposition or negative "liberal press." Good Luck!
Marie M.

Linda Lowe - TX
Congratulations on your showing in Iowa! There is yet hope for America! How do you get along with Rep. Henry Hyde? Personally, I think he would make a great VP. I don't even know if he would be interested, but wouldn't THAT make a statement! GO PAT GO!

Dave Rusch - CO
Pat, Congratulations on the Iowa vote. As a native son of Iowa I know my relatives were there for you. Is it time to begin to run against Bill Clinton instead of Bob Dole? I think that would elevate the campaign and put you in the intellectual and psychological lead. I met you when you spoke to our banquet (Citizens for Responsible Government) in Colorado. Best of luck. Let's win this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dave Rusch

Dale Gress - WA
Way to go Pat! Great show in Iowa! Do the Same in New Hampshire and a few more candidates will have to drop out. I mailed your campaign $50.00 today. Wish I could do more. Hope to see you in Washington State.

Greg Felix - MO
I just can't believe that the day after the Iowa caucus I hear more about Lamar Alexander than Pat Buchanan. Pat, we have a long hard road to hoe but keep that message coming! It's getting through to the people that will make it happen!

Christopher Sosnay - WI
Dear Mr. Buchanan,
I want to congratulate you on how you did in Iowa! I wish you the best of luck in NH...
Good luck and Take care,
Christopher Sosnay

Ronn Johnson - IN
Congratulations on Iowa. Godspeed in New Hampshire. Strongly suggest that you that you take a look at Michael Kingsley's article on negative income tax in May 29, 1995 issue of New Yorker magazine. I think that this is something that could be powerfully integrated into your campaign. The way Kingsley describes it, liberal though he may be, this idea could swallow bureaucracies at a joyous rate and give everybody a seat at the table. It would reduce welfare and the invasive power of government at the same time. I think it would be a spur to personal responsibility and incentive and a boon to morality based on a spiritual relationship and not social engineering.
Best regards,
Ronn Johnson

Brent Stenson - GA
Congratulations on Iowa! I hope to see you win in New Hampshire. I have followed you since the early days with CNN and before. I would like to get a bumper sticker for my car and would like to contribute other help to the cause where I am able. I listen to the People's radio network on my way home form work and they are doing a good job of singing your praises. Keep up the good work...Keep working on the conservative economic issues. I think they are the key to winning this election.
Brent Stenson

Ward Andrews - AZ
I have tickets to the presidential GOP debate in Phoenix (Tempe) on the night of the 22nd (Washington's birthday). I am hoping to see you hammer home your economic issues because they are so strong and you can convey your stance so well. Don't get too into the social issues in the South this time around, it burned you a bit in '92 (although, I agree with those views completely).

Jon Mohney - IN
Ross Perot was the first presidential candidate I voted for. Pat Buchanan will receive my second and third presidential votes. You won my support with your speech on Michael New which CSPAN carried several weeks prior to Iowa. Since then, I have followed you as closely as the media and the internet allows me. You are the only candidate whose primary interest is with Main Street not Wall Street. I really admire your courage to run against the establishment. You have a very impressive grasp of history, economics, politics, and religion, which has not been distorted by the propaganda of the globalists. I support you 100 percent.

C. Mark LaLena - TX
You're the only candidate I can support. Thanks for all your work...

Rev. Charles W. Smith - CA
Pat... Congratulations on your good showing in Iowa! I am glad that you have stumped the Liberal Media. I am the pastor of the Penasquitos Church of the Nazarene in San Diego, California. I appreciate your stands against Abortion and for other conservative issues. Good luck in New Hampshire.
Pastor Chuck Smith

Helen Chirivas - NY
Of the current lineup of candidates, I'm most impressed with Pat Buchanan. He seems to be the one most willing to face tough issues honestly and not paper them over. I voted for Perot in the last presidential election and would be inclined to vote for Buchanan if he runs as an independent. Somehow, I think too many forces are arrayed behind Dole at this time for him not to be nominated, but you never know. Although I'm pro-choice, Buchanan's pro-life stand wouldn't deter me from voting for him. The thing that most annoyed me about Clinton's State of the Union Address was him going on about how great the economy is going...if things are so great, how come jobs are so scarce? If things are better, they haven't gotten much better for the majority of Americans, who still struggle to make ends meet...

Paul Oulton - CA
Congratulations and best wishes as you head into New Hampshire.

Mark E Freeman - FL
CONGRATULATIONS!!! I never thought a Christian conservative could make it to the White House, but you're proving me wrong. It is about time someone stood up for the less vocal moral majority of this country as opposed to the minority of extremely vocal leftist liberals in the media. More Power to you and let me know how I can get involved. Conservatives Unite!
Mark E. Freeman
Gainesville, FL

James E. Brown - PA
I am glad to see one (Keyes and Taylor also) of the 2 major candidates is realizing what is happening to the middle class. Your position on trade, states' rights, US sovereignty, foreign aid and taxes, has made me one of your supporters...
James E. Brown
Yardley, PA

Bryan Taylor - AL
I have signed up on the Buchanan Brigade and also with your 1-800-GOPATGO hotline...Please send me some bumper stickers and buttons quick so I can tell everyone who I'm voting for...
Bryan Taylor
Tuscaloosa, AL

Andrew A. Zappone - NJ
I'd like to work on the campaign here in New Jersey.

Roger Zetah - AZ
Go Pat Go! A former Gramm supporter. Keep it up!

Gene R. Wray - VA
I just wanted to congratulate you on your win in Louisiana and your close second in Iowa. I think Bob Dole is a great Senator, but we need a younger person to take on Bill Clinton and Hillary. I am looking forward to seeing you and your lovely wife on election night when you win the Presidency.

Etheridge H. Moore - MI
Congratulations on a fine showing in Iowa and also your win in Louisiana last week. As a conservative Republican, I am thrilled with the way folks are responding to your message. I pastor a large Baptist Church here in Grand Rapids and I like what you stand for, especially your pro-life position. If I can help your organization in anyway as you move closer to the Michigan primary, please let me know. Good luck in New Hampshire next week.
Dr. Etheridge H. Moore
Pastor Heritage Baptist Church
Kentwood, Michigan

Joe Horman - TX
We are anxious to organize here for the March primary. Kingwood is a burb of Houston with 50,000 residents who live on the precipice with their futures in the hands of big oil beauracracy. The winning issues in this rock solid Republican district will be
1. Jobs, pensions, and 401k integrity.
2. End to PAC power, congressional corruption and term limits.
3. An end to "free trade" at the expense of the American people and to the benefit of Wall Street.
Pat is the only person espousing a program that will lead to the resurrection of American democracy; which was hijacked long ago by the financial elites. Pats coalition to victory is the union members, middle management and white collar workers and all those who are (80% of the population) being coerced into competition with third world labor. The Buchanan Brigade will look more like Franklin Roosevelt's landslide support than anything Reagan/Nixon put together. Don't rule out an independent run as the "mainstream" media and corporate elite will gang up to marginalize you with cash and slanted media coverage. The level of contempt held for both parties is just short of breathtaking and another party is long over due. TEXANS ARE READY!!!

Allen Lao - CA
Bravo, Pat! I think your message is right on target. How can the other Republicans claim to be pro family if they tacitly approve of global economic policies that have directly and indirectly damaged the family unit by fostering an atmosphere of instability? Keep hitting on this idea as you have been! I also respect you as a man with a vision for this country unlike the rest of the field out there. Will be carrying a prayer burden for you.

Chris Fluorine - GA
GO PAT GO!!! You are the man, Pat. You have my vote all the way. I can't wait to see you take Bill Clinton apart in a national debate. Keep up the good work.

Thomas J. Redding - CA
I am really anxious to vote for you in the California primary next month. I was formerly a Gramm supporter but am a new convert to the Buchanan Brigade. I am also a Catholic and we certainly need a president with moral leadership. The current occupant of the White House doesn't even know the concept! GoPatGo!!

Craig and Sheri Castleberry - NV
Go Pat Go! I can tell you, most of the fire fighters at the station I work at in Las Vegas will be supporting you during the nominations. We would like to urge all professional police and fire fighters to firmly get behind Pat Buchanan, and help restore sanity to the federal government...We urge you to find out more about Pat, where he stands, and standup and help turn our country back to the land of the free and the home of the brave.
Craig Castleberry, Fire fighter. City of Las Vegas. Member of I.A.F.F. Local 1285

John Trimble - WA
Congratulations on the terrific gains you have made in your campaign. It is refreshing to have a candidate who is consistent on the issues and who runs a dignified campaign. You will be a credit to the United States, as Chief Executive.

Mary Seitz - MI
Hi Pat! Congratulations on Iowa. We are as pleased as you are. You can count on my vote in the Michigan primary... Long live the conservatives!!!

John R. White - TX
Unfortunately the terms which frame the abortion issue have been defined by the pro-choice special interest group. The national debate on abortion should not be about a woman's rights VS the life of a child it should be about the battle for the hearts and souls ofthe mother, father, grandparents, aunts, uncles ,etc. touched by an unwanted pregnancy. Until American's leaders realize and verbalize this, the current structure of the debate favors its framers. History will ultimately condemn America for the legalization of abortion the same way it did for slavery. If you care about the welfare of the American family, VOTE REPUBLICAN VOTE BUCHANAN FOR PRESIDENT

Reginald Harris - TX
I pray for your victory. If other pro-life candidates DO drop out, it should give you the votes you need in the Republican party. (I also like your stands on the other issues). Please STAY firm in your stand for life...

Ryan McClintock - VA
You're doing a great job, keep it up. It's about time that America sees that the conservatives are not going to accept what is going on any longer.
One verse sums it up about Clinton. Psalms 109:8 Let his days be few; and let another take his office.

John Martone - CO
Don't forget the gun owners of New Hampshire! Gun owners made a big difference in the '94 elections. They can make a difference now. Remember New Hampshire and Alaska have the highest per capita percentage with regard to NRA membership. Brigade members: Don't forget to contact your state and local Rifle/Pistol Associations, gun and hunting groups. They made a big difference in the '94 elections. They can make a big difference now. Onward to VICTORY!!!!!!!!!!

Todd Davis - SC
I work for Milliken and Company in SC. I met you in 1991 when you were here in Spartanburg at the airport and then listened to you at Bob Jones university. I kept your pictures and autograph because I know one day you will be president. Keep putting out the word. Conservatism is taking the country back.
By the way I went to the Citadel so when you win,immediately stop the (expletive deleted) in the Justice Dept. from trying to tear down its walls.

Loren Peterson - WA
I'm a 22 year old college student who lives in Seattle. I have been an avid supporter of yours since you announced your candidacy last year. The liberal media outlets in Seattle don't seem to cover you much at all...When will you be coming to Seattle?

Corinne Miller - CT
Congrats on your victory in Louisiana and stunning showing in Iowa. I know you'll do well in New Hampshire, even though the media won't admit it! Wanted also to tell you that I saw the Buchanan bashing session by Sununu on Tuesday's Crossfire. I emailed CNN to inform them that his display was extremely unprofessional and uncalled for. With friends like him, who needs enemies. All the best. GO PAT GO! I'd like to help you any way I can in Connecticut. I'd be glad to make phone calls or stuff envelopes, etc. whenever the time is appropriate. I live in the district of Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro, so I am oppressed! Can't wait to see you win!

Scott G. Whittemore - NY
Pat I urge you to start a write-in Brigade in New York State. I do not like the prospect that we may only have Dole to vote for ...I voted Perot last time. We have the congress now we need an America first President. Dole ,I am afraid, is a big player in the New World Order and its move towards socialism. My wife collected signatures and I have called GoPatGo with support! Don't let up Pat!

Mark and Sherry Metzger - TX
Pat, What an excellent performance in AZ, AK, LA and now IOWA. We are so very proud of you and all your supporters. It is time to take the Republican Party out of the Country Clubs and give it back to our country!! Do you know where I can send my thoughts to CNN and John Sununu. He needs to find a new party. Perhaps Bill Bennet and John can start their own ticket. They could call themselves the "Loopers" (having forgotten about life outside the DC beltway). Sununu ought to be ashamed of himself on the nuclear button comment he raised tonight. Crossfire has never been the same since you left it. John's jealous heart is bleeding all over his jacket. Hooray for you Pat!! On to the Whitehouse!

Martin D. Moore - CA
Pat, the country proudly awaits your election to the presidency. You are acutely needed in the White House at this critical period in American history. We need a president who will stop the selling off of America to foreign interests and despicable internationalists. I am an aerospace engineer employed by a corporation that is sending work overseas. I am a liberal African-American citizen willing to help your campaign in any manner that you request. Clinton has abandoned all Americans who work for a living and love their country! I will mail my check for one hundred dollars tomorrow to your campaign headquarters! We do NOT need welfare program reform; we need the welfare program's termination! We need prayer immediately returned to our schools! We need Pat Buchanan leading and protecting America!!!!

Frank J. Callejas - FL
Dear Mr. Buchanan : I want you to know you are the ideal man to be the first president of the next century. I admire your willingness to fight for the rights of the unborn. You are the only one who speaks from the heart. You are the man who should lead this country into the 21st century. A man of strong character and high morals like yourself deserves to get the nomination. Please know that I will support your cause here in Gainesville, Florida. Pat, you are the one enlightened enough to continue the revolution that Ronald Reagan, the greatest president of all times, began in the 1980s. Don't give up and keep fighting 'til the end. KEEP THE REAGAN REVOLUTION ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!
Frank J. Callejas
Gainesville, Florida

Charles Henry - LA
Don't give in to the big money guys, just fight the good fight, and we will support you 110%. GO PAT GO!!! The sleeping giant of the American people has awakened and he hears numerous burglars and vandals in his house. He is reaching for his club and he is going to "clean house". And the name of his club is PAT BUCHANAN!!!!!!! GET 'EM PAT!

Dick Evans - MA
Congratulations on your courageous stand on medical marijuana. You know this absurd drug war is really getting out of hand when the government decides that some sick people would be better off in prison...at our expense.

Justin Travis - MS
Mr. Buchanan,
Way to go in Iowa!. I look forward to a good showing here in MS. If I can help in any way just Email me. Good luck in the polls.
Sincerely, Justin T. Travis

Rev. Paul E. Weimeschkirch - TX
Congrats on Iowa... Thought, select a strong running mate before the N.H. Primary. I feel that Al Keyes would be a strong conservative choice, who is also pro-life. This choice would really shoot the pro-death crowd in the foot. God Bless You and your staff. I need yard signs and bumper stickers!!!! Pat is on a roll. Even the liberal press admits that the second place victor out of Iowa should win N.H. Let's keep him in our prayers. Go Pat Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bob Lutz - WA
You're doing it right, keep it up! I'm for you 100% and I have convinced many others to do the same. There are a lot of people that think you are radical but I tell them you are not. If telling the truth is radical, then so be it. Many are beginning to understand thatyou looking us in the eye and telling us the situation and what must be done about it, is not being radical, but instead, is being honest, truthful and straight forward. You are very blunt with the truth and I appreciate that very much. I've had enough of the flipflopers, especially the one in the Whitehouse. I've often wondered what the Liberals will do when you are President and face them with the truth. Isn't truth and Liberals opposite in meaning? Keep up the fight Pat, and I will keep spreading the word on this end. WE WILL GET IT DONE!! REFUSE TO LOSE!!

Dan Carney - GA
Pat, I really appreciate your willingness and courage to take a stand for your convictions. It is very encouraging to see a politician who actually bases his decisions on heartfelt convictions and unchanging truths rather than merely the latest polls and social climate. Forgive me for drawing an analogy, but the growing mainstream conservatives' support for you reminds me of what is taking place in the Promise Keepers movement, of which I am an active participant. We are beginning to see the breakdown of traditional barriers between religious denominations and races, and we are beginning to stand together on common ground to combat the decline of all we hold dear. It's the only way we will ever succeed. On that note, if Alan Keyes eventually withdraws from the race, please do everything in your power to ensure he receives the credit and honor he deserves for having intestinal fortitude which is only rivaled by yours.
Dan Carney
Savannah, Georgia

Steven Delaney - PA
Build it long and build it high! A new campaign theme! I like your views on immigration. I am tired of paying for the illegal immigration from the south. I am very happy to see a politician taking a stand on issues and not being afraid of the backlash of criticism. I am sick and tired of the wishy washy views of the current wave of people running for office and those currently in office. Keep up the good work and good luck in New Hampshire. Go! Pat! Go!

Harold Hunt - TX
Just like to say that I support your views and your candidacy. I hope you continue to do well. I like candidates who don't waffle on issues. Good luck.

Robert Ritchie - TN
Greetings: ***You folks need to check out an Associated Press article appearing about August 2, 1995 titled "Dry Counties Getting Benefit from Loophole in State Law"*** This article reveals how Lamar Alexander obtained a church's nonprofit charter in 1978 so that he could sell mixed drinks through the Gatlinburg, Tennessee location (then a "dry town") of his Ruby Tuesday's restaurant. Why does Lamar seem to forget this incident while he addresses the Heritage Foundation about "character"? ***Also check out the SKELETON CLOSET net site (http://www. realchange.org) about Lamar & Honey's rather unique business dealings in Tennessee***

Amy Clifford - OK
Dear Pat, You are an answer to my prayers. For so long I've seen our country heading down the road to disaster. I'm a member of the religious right. I will continue to pray that you win the presidency! As far as I am concerned, you are the only one for the job! I feel you will restore our nation both spiritually and financially. We need you as President to put America first.
God Bless you,

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