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(Online News, 09/15/98 05:45 PM)

GTE, Exodus to speed up 'net access
By Matt Hamblen

GTE Internetworking has joined with Exodus Communications, Inc. to speed up their customers' access to the Internet.

Few details were disclosed, but the companies said in a statement they would "work closely together to increase the traffic volume at the current network interconnection points and expand the number of exchange points between the networks to cover a wider geographic area within the United States."

Capacity through such points will increase by 50%, which would reduce the amount of time it takes to reach some sites in some areas, the companies said.

Exodus, based in Santa Clara, Calif., hosts sites including Microsoft Corp.'s HotMail, GeoCities, HotBot, SportsLine USA and Lycos. GTE Internetworking's current customers include America Online, Inc., InfoSeek Corp., The Los Angeles Times and The Boston Globe.

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