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Monday, February 8, 1999

Okay, Smart Ass
The contest submission is over, and anything posted on or after this date will not be considered. In the next few days, I will set up the poll and decide which names are worth putting on the voting list, excluding the purely rude entries and that fight that a couple of people in a dorm somewhere had :)

Saturday, January 30, 1999

The Rename VBEmu98 Contest
In an email reply I got from David Tucker, author of VBEmu98, that stated in a reply to my question about whether or not he was going to rename VBEmu98 now that it's 1999 that he had thought about renaming the emulator, and that I could run a contest or vote of sorts on my site and pick a new name. So here's the deal. Go to the VBEmu98 Contest Page and suggest a name. Up until February 7 you can post a name. I'll pick the best names and set up a poll. The three most popular ones will be sent to David Tucker, and he'll (most likely) name VBEmu98 after it. The "prize" for this contest will be the knowledge that you were the one who named the emulator, so go suggest something!

Monday, January 25, 1999

Open Directory Project
The Netscape people have started something called the Open Directory Project. Saturday's New and Interesting page linked me to it, wherein I discovered that they needed a editor for the Virtual Boy Section, so I applied for it and I got it (I'll be damned, The Red Area got a "Cool Site" award). So, if any of yous have a VB related page (or have been thinking about starting one), head on over to that section and submit your site.

Saturday, January 23, 1999

New and Interesting VB Page Unearthed
Aaron on the Internet just emailed me a link to this page, which has a ton of info on the Japanese VB games never released in the U.S., and has a ton of other interesting info as well. There are a lot more games than I realized that were either released so late into the VB's cycle that they were largely neglected, or they were just never finished/released, though prototypes must exist due to the screenshots. Also, there are some pics from the VB accessories (like the "official" VB headphones, which were just walkman headphones). Also, there are pics of the VB Game Guide and the one and only issue of the VB Magazine in Japan. Go check it out.

Friday, January 22, 1999

Excuses are like Assholes
Okay, some important things have been happening in the world of the Virtual Boy, and I've been missing them. The reason? A few of them, actually. First and most importantly, when I'm at home over the holidays, I have to use AOL to connect. The update below, you may have noticed, was never posted. The reason is that AOL simply isn't designed to handle 11+ MB web publishing. I tried five times, but with no luck. Then, I decided to give up and take a break of sorts. In addition, the fact that every dumped VB ROM has been released means that the bit that I was doing wherein a new page was posted every time a new game was released broke down, since I have to do some 20+ pages now, and I don't feel like doing them all simultaneously. At any rate, expect those to come on a regular basis.

So what have I been doing? Well, I rang in the new year on Bourbon Street in New Orleans watching the Ball drop while holding a Hand Grenade (a drink). Then, I went and performed at the Sugar Bowl, where the Aggies lost. Oh well. Also, my girlfriend came down and occupied me for about a week, so this website has been on the backburner. Plus, I had to reinstall Windows 98, since my installation was on its last leg, and I somehow left FrontPage 98 back at school. I've been relying on FrontPage 97, and I never realized how much better FP98 is.

Anywho, I did stumble across a Next-Generation interview with Grumpei Yokoi just prior to the VB's release, wherein he answers some of those FAQs I was wondering about myself. Also, up to this point, I had been spelling his name as Yoko, when it's actually Yokoi. I have changed the FAQ to reflect this, and I apologize for staining his memory this way. Yokoi, for those of you who haven't read the FAQ, was the inventor of the Virtual Boy along with the Game Boy and the Metroid series, and he was killed in 1997 when he was hit by a car on the side of the road. I will scour my old NG mags and see what else I can find.

VBEmu98: Version 0.6b released
Now this is cool. David Tucker has released VBEmu98 version 0.6 on the VBEmu98 page. The biggest news: it's fast! You see, I'm puttering along here on a Pentium 133 from Acer, so VBEmu98 0.5 pretty much sucked ass for me. I could play it with some success on other people's systems, but it was an impossibility for me. Version 0.6, however, with its new badass assembly core, runs feasible on my system. Plus, it adds the new feature of six different display modes for 3-D, including 3-D glasses, stereoscope, and one-on-top-of-the-other imaging. He states that Virtual Tetris (VTetris) is the only fully playable game right now, but that VFishing, InhouseMouse, Teleroboxer, Galactic Pinball and Mario's Tennis all display things to the screen to various extents. Now all VBEmu98 needs (beyond more compatibility) is a new name (VBEmu99?). BTW, a new version is coming soon since he fixed a bug right after this release. Also, he's positioning the source code for portability, so a Win32 port is in the works.

Download VBEmu98 version 0.6 (DOS) here.
Download VBEmu98 version 0.6 (Linux) here.
Get the games here.

News-U-Lator: David Tucker interviewed
News-U-Lator, the EMU news site known for its interviews more than anything else, has interviewed David Tucker, author of VBEmu98, essentially stealing my idea before I could think of it. Read it here.

Monday, December 28, 1998

Vertigo Virtual Boy Packs 1 and 2 released
Vertigo, a ROM releasing group on the Internet, has released two packs, containing all of the ROMs ever dumped for the Virtual Boy. imid has donated these to Vertigo, apparently giving up on the NEW STUFF idea.

Vertigo Virtual Boy Pack #1 has:

Virtual Boy Wario Land (Japanese)
Space Squash
Vertical Force (Japanese)
Virtual Fishing
Red Alarm (Japanese)
V Tetris
Inmouse no Yakata
Teleroboxer (Japanese)
Mario Clash (Japanese)
Panic Bomber(Japanese)
Baseball (Japanese)
Jack Bros (Japanese)
T&E Golf

Vertigo Virtual Boy Pack #2 has:

Virtual Boy Wario Land (US)
Galactic Pinball
Red Alarm (US)
Vertical Force (US)
Teleroboxer (US)
Mario Clash (US)
Panic Bomber (US)
Virtual League Baseball
Jack Bros. (US)
Tetris 3D
Nester's Funky Bowling
Mario's Tennis

There are still three games, Gundam, Space Invaders and Virtual Lab (all Japanese), that have never been dumped (or found). Not to worry, though, there is still plenty to do on the VB front. Besides the tons of work that VBEmu98 needs, there's still tons of stuff to compile from the VB.

Wednesday, December 23, 1998

Insmouse's Mansion ROM released
A ROM to an odd Japanese game called Insmouse's Mansion was released Thursday on NEW STUFF. I guess it's a horror game?

Content coming soon
I can't get on the Internet as much now that I'm home, so my access is few and far between. Before Christmas Break, I was watching a video of some show and I didn't pause out the commercials. One of the commercials was for the Virtual Boy (probably the only one ever made), so when I get back I'm going to make a file out of the commercial, video if I can manage, but audio at least. The quality of the recording isn't the greatest, but it's better than nothing. Also, I happened across older Next-Generation magazines that had some VB references. One had a good article looking at the release of the VB, and the other had the only five VB games they ever reviewed. I'll be scanning and transcribing them soon. Welp, I'm off to my girlfriend's for Christmas.

Wednesday, December 9, 1998

Teleroboxer ROM released twice
Okay, despite the fact that he says that NEW STUFF is on hold, imid did release a couple of new ROMs, for Teleroboxer for the U.S. and Japan. Also, it looks like Vertigo is back together at a new address. Maybe they can put out some Vertigo VB packs?

Tuesday, December 8, 1998

VBEmu98 Progress Report(s)
Well, my computer was in the shop for a few days, so I missed an update or two in there. David Tucker updated twice, the first time telling of how to get Mario Clash (new page) working under VBEmu98 0.5, as well as some ideas he had for implementing the 3-D bit:

12/07/98 - Well, hear are some more screen shots of Mario Clash. To get the game going right, wait till the game starts, then hit 'Start'(B) folowd by 'Select'(V) and tehn hit start twice to get back, thiss will refresh the screen so you can see the whole thing, Im not flipping a bit properly and the screen never refreshes... Also hear Is a picture outlining the new screen display options (For 3D efects) if you know of another format I should support, let me know...

3dscr[1].gif (7820 bytes)

Then, today, there was update two, telling what he's interested in next, and explaining the schematic:

12/08/98 - Nothing new, but on a side note I got my Game.Com link cable today (for Free!!!). Id recommend grabbing one (If your interested in hacking a Game.Com) they wont be around for long, and neither will the Game.Com for that matter... More on that later.
Does anyone have info on the PC-FX, I'm contemplating starting a new emu, but there is little or now info on the PC-FX. Also If you have a PC-FX that you would like to donate to the cause =0)
Oh, for those who are confused, Cyber-Scope is an attachment for your monitor so you can see in 3D, and 'Half-n-Half' and 'Interlaced' are ways to send 3D images to Head Mounted Displays (i-Glasses) and shutter glasses. Does anyone have a pair of the 3D Frensel viewers from the WaiteGroups Virtual Reality book? Id like to support them, and include plans for making a pair. And finaly, a frend is looking into porting VB98 to the MAC, right now it looks like I need to rewrite the display code to get this working...

Cool. Looks like things are cool on the VB front. Maybe he could port it to DirectX? As for Game.Com, it never stood a chance against the elephant that is Game Boy. Finally, I hope that whatever PC-FX EMU doesn't hurt/kill the VB EMU.

imid's hosting problems.
imid of NEW STUFF, who apparently is sitting on some twenty unreleased VB ROMs, is having hosting problems. He hosted his page on his personal PC with his cable modem for a while. Then, when Zophar's Domain linked to his site, the traffic proved too much to handle. He moved the page to another server, but they kicked him off, and now the page is on hold until he can find a new place. Email him if you can help. However, thanks to the "come.to" address, the above URL will always send you to the right place.

Sunday, December 6, 1998

VBEmu98 Progress Report
Over on David Tucker's page, he's got another progress report, along with some advice for Galactic Pinball:

12/03/98 - I have not had any time to code, but I did discover that Galactic Pinball is playable, when you get to the table selection screen, press left on the left control pad (S) once to select the space station, I think this is the only table that is working (Why???).  The colors are still screwy, so don't expect it to look like the screen shots below...  Has anyone successfully gotten the Linux build to work?  Let me know...

OK, but here's the interesting part. I posted the last time he updated as news. Now when he posted this blurb, two different news sites reported it. Now, either they wanted to beat me to the news story, or I'm just egocentric and think everyone's enthralled by this page. Oh well, if you run a news site, post the next bit please:

Virtual Boy FAQ Debuts
I've been hacking away at a VB FAQ. A new work of mine, not based (yet) on any existing FAQ. Check it out. I'm particularly pleased with the explanation of why the VB failed.

Friday, December 4, 1998

Mario Clash ROM released twice
Okay, I'm headed out of town in a few hours, so I don't have time to do separate game pages for them, but suffice it to say that imid has put out the ROMs to Mario Clash, both the U.S. and Japanese versions. Mario Clash is a game that puts a 3-D slant on the old Mario Bros. game.

Wednesday, December 2, 1998

Five new ROMs released
Welp, I've been busy. Till Oldemeyer pointed me toward a page that had ten Virtual Boy ROMs, five of which were previously unreleased. I have pages up for them now:

Panic Bomber
Red Alarm
Virtual Golf
Virtual League Baseball
Vertical Force

Galactic Pinball ROM released
The ROM to Galactic Pinball is up. Three guesses as to what this one's about. However, Samus Aran's in it, so it can't be too bad.

Oh, and another thing
David Tucker (author of VBEmu98) emailed me back the other day. He says he likes this site, but won't/can't link to it, due to the ROMs. He said he'd be happy to answer questions, though. On that topic, I'm writing a VB FAQ. If anyone has any questions for me or David Tucker, email me and ask away.

Monday, November 30, 1998

Virtual Fishing ROM released
Nice to see that imid's not wasting time here. He's released the ROM to Virtual Fishing, a very Japanese game from T*HQ. No codes or controls for this one, or even full VBEmu98 support, you're on your own!

VBEmu98 progress Report
I figured that I might as well report on the progress of VBEmu98 (something I exclude on The Gray Area since there are so many NES EMUs), since it's the only VB EMU and all. Here's the newz from David Tucker's page:

11/30/98 - Nothing new, I had a good Thanksgiving, did you?  My parents are in town for a week (from Cameroon, W. Africa) so work will be put on hold for a while.  I have some new Ideas on generating true 3D displays, Ill be working on that next (Its more fun than fixing bugs...).  Ill probably implement Red/Blue glasses and hopefully support LCD glasses or something (I don't know how well that will go, I don't have any to test with).  More newz in a week...  Oh, I don't need to say this, But - Don't Ask Me For Rom's!!!  I don't know where to get them and If I did I would not tell you! (Thanks)

Maybe that's why he hasn't mentioned my page yet :) Well, on that note, be sure to tell everyone you know about this page. Personally, I'd rather get the speed and compatibility up before true 3-D effects, but that's just me wanting to play Mario Clash on my slow ass P133.

Sunday, November 29, 1998

Mario's Tennis ROM released
imid of NEW STUFF released the ROM image to Mario's Tennis, the Virtual Boy's pack-in title. I've updated the Mario's Tennis page with the ROM, and I also posted a page (but no ROM) of Virtual Boy Wario Land. Please note, however, that Mario's Tennis doesn't completely work in VBEmu98 yet.

Take Two
How about this: a darker red (courtesy of .JPEG) and the return of the white text?

General Maintenance
Okay, I have had some complaints about the look of this site. Seems it's a headache to look at. It may be the red background, or maybe the white text, so I changed the text to black. Gimmie some feedback. Also, I changed up the games page a bit and added Mario's Tennis information (no ROM image yet), figuring that every VB owner would have this pack-in title. I'd do more, but ZELDA owns my soul. I plan on adding more later tonight, along with some Next Generation articles and a new FAQ.

Thursday, November 26, 1998

Space Squash and V Tetris ROMs Released
Over on NEW STUFF, the ROM images for Space Squash and V Tetris have been released. I have updated the Games page with info on all the known VB Games. I'm going to put up a page for each individual game, but right now I only have these two. More after Thanksgiving. These ROMs carry the .vb extension, so that's the precedent now. Also, the file sizes are a bit off from the list I'm using. Well, if anyone out there has ANYTHING VB related, email me. Let me know before you send something big, though, as my email server has a limit.

Wednesday, November 25, 1998

Welcome to The Red Area
Yep, this is an idea I have had for a while, just a lack of initiative, that's all. Anywho, welcome to The Red Area. This is a page devoted to a short lived console called the Virtual Boy from Nintendo. More on all that later, but suffice it to say that it came out in 1995, and was positioned as a portable virtual reality device. Nintendo fanatics have seen it as a collector's item and a great conversation piece for a while now. However, the device has been experiencing a renaissance recently, as an online effort has been underway to crack this surprisingly powerful system and emulate it. This page won't be updated as often as my NES Emulation page, The Gray Area, but it has a different mission. Whereas The Gray Area is merely a NES news page, I hope that The Red Area will become the all encompassing Virtual Boy page.

VBEmu98: Version 0.5 debuts
This is one I've been keeping up with for a while now. David Tucker has released VBEmu98 0.5 on The Unofficial Virtual Boy Homepage. Of the 30 dumped games, this EMU will run about 15 of them, and only one well. Also, it needs a Pentium II at 300 MHz to run full speed. More later, as soon as imid releases the ROMs. Download it here. A Linux build is here.

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