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Nothing matches the thrills of the U.S. Olympic Track and Field Trials, where the top three finishers in every event make the Olympic team. The 1996 Trials take place from June 15-23 in Atlanta, where you can get a taste of the Olympics a month before the Games. To order tickets call Ticket Master Southeast at 404-249-6400. For information on the Trials call the USATF at 404-525-1256.


Guy Morse

This Wednesday, January 10, at 10 a.m., Boston Marathon race director Guy Morse will preside over the final random selection lottery drawing for the 100th Boston Marathon "Open Division" runners (Special note: In our Wednesday edition of Runner's World Online we will publish the full list of final lottery "winners" as soon as the Boston Marathon supplies it.)

RWD: How many names have you got in the lottery and how many are you going to pick up on Wednesday?
GM: We've got close to 50,000 applications. We'll pick 2,000 in the lottery on Wednesday, the same number we picked in the previous two lotteries. That will give us 6,000 runners who were selected by the lottery process. In addition, we're still digging out from under the last-minute flood of entries from qualified runners. I believe that number will reach about 16,000. Then you add about 4,500 foreign runners, the entries we distributed to Boston-area running clubs to allow local runners to enter, and the 1,000 or so that went to runners supported by charities and the total number of official runners reaches just over 30,000.

RWD: Do you ever wish you didn't get into the lottery business?
GM: No. We felt there was a special need for this one-time event. We didn't fan the flames or anything. The interest. The interest was already there. We simply gave it a process. We've lived up to everything we've said about this special opportunity. We will have held three lotteries, and we will have drawn at least 2,000 names each time. Everyone understands that we couldn't pick more than that because we have gotten so many qualifiers, and we have to give the qualifiers priority.

RWD: How will you deal with those not picked on Wednesday?
GM: The ones who are picked will be published on the Internet and in the Boston Herald. They will also be receiving an official postcard that gets mailed Thursday morning. The others will be receiving a postcard that gets mailed before the end of January. They'll receive a full refund check before the end of February.

RWD: You must be worried that they're going to try to come and run anyway?
GM: We'll be telling them in very firm language that that's not a good idea. We'll have systems in place in Hopkinton, Boston and other communities that will make it virtually impossible. We want them as spectators and supporters, but not as runners. We're asking them to respect the integrity of what we've done and especially of the Boston Marathon.

RWD: What are you most excited about as the Marathon enters the final three months?
GM: I'm going to be most excited to see the fruit of all our labors. I'm going to enjoy seeing everyone else enjoy this event--not just the runners, but also the citizens of Boston, the spectators, the visitors to Boston. I don't want anyone to get overwhelmed by the logistics--the hotel rooms, the traffic, the race course. I want us all to be able to fully enjoy the entire celebration.

(Interview by Amby Burfoot)


For Women Only

A new entrant to the women's sports apparel market is Equal Times Athletes...A Woman's Sport Company. Along womens' gear for running and other sports, the catalog features T-shirts such as "See Dick Run. See Jane Run Past Dick." It also includes facts about women in sports. To receive a catalog, send your name and address to: Equal Time Athletes, 3707 Rib Mountain Dr. Ste #2, Wausau, WI 54401-9959 or call 1-800-355-4942 or fax 715-355-6963.


Eat 'Em Raw... To Increase Your Antioxidant Level

Researchers compared the antioxidant status of 21 middle-aged Finnish vegetarians who were following a strict, uncooked, no-animal-products diet to that of matched, omnivorous controls. The vegetarians had significantly higher blood levels of vitamin E, vitamin C and beta-carotene.


January 7

Lake Buena Vista, Florida, Walt Disney World Marathon: Men - 1. Miguel Upegui, COL, 2:23:26; 2. Robert Langfeld, GER, 2:29:54; 3. Andrew Spaulding, MA, 2:31:30; 4. Nick Rose (40+), GBR, 2:33:50. Women - 1. Lyubov Klochko, UKR, 2:45:11; 2. Alla Doudaeva, RUS, 2:46:11; 3. Mary Level-Menton, FL, 2:49:32... 5. Marina Jones (40+), CA, 2:54:52.