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GeoCities members, or Homesteaders, create their home pages within themed communities called Neighborhoods. Find a Neighborhood that interests you, and see how our Homesteaders use their pages to showcase their interests and creative content for millions of people to see.

Area51 Science fiction and fantasy
Athens Education, literature, poetry, philosophy
Augusta Golf and the finer side of the fairways
Baja Four-wheeling, SUVs, off-roading, adventure travel
BourbonStreet Jazz, Cajun food, Southern culture
Broadway Theater, musicals, show business
CapeCanaveral Science, mathematics, aviation
CapitolHill Government, politics, and lots of strong opinions
CollegePark University life, from academics to extracurriculars
Colosseum Sports and recreation
EnchantedForest A neighborhood for and by kids
Eureka Small businesses, home offices
FashionAvenue Top designers, beauty and fashion
Heartland Families, hometown values
Hollywood Film and TV
HotSprings Health and fitness
MadisonAvenue Advertising
MotorCity Cars, trucks, motorcycles
NapaValley Food, wine, dining out, the gourmet lifestyle
Nashville Country music
Paris Romance, poetry, the arts
Pentagon Military men and women
Petsburgh Pets and the people who love them
PicketFence Home improvement and real estate
Pipeline Extreme sports
RainForest The environment, conservation, recycling
ResearchTriangle The future of technology
RodeoDrive Shopping, upscale living
SiliconValley Hardware, software, programming
SoHo Art, poetry, prose, the bohemian spirit
SouthBeach Hanging out, chatting, meeting and greeting
SunsetStrip Rock, grunge, punk, the club scene
TelevisionCity TV fan clubs, sitcoms, talk shows
TheTropics Vacations, resorts, travel
TimesSquare Computers, games, role-playing
Tokyo Anime and all things Asian
Vienna Classical music, opera, ballet
WallStreet Personal investing, finance, economics
Wellesley A community for women
WestHollywood Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered
Yosemite Hiking, rafting, and the great outdoors

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