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IBM OS/2 Webexplorer News!
BrowserWatch News By Steve Amstadt: 03/12/96

Well net.fame and thanks for giving me a wakeup call... Yes sometimes its easy to forget platforms like OS/2 and NeXT but I don't do it with any malace... The browser/web market is just spinning so fast and well my mailbox gets so full of the same announcements I want to clear them out first (stem the tide so to speak) and well some messages tend to get looked over. I am trying and well I hope it doesn't keep you away... I am working on a net.fame form that will speed my article proccessing and this shouldn't happen (well I hope not!)

Okay now on to the net.fame at hand! =-) IBM today released a new version of their Web Explorer for OS/2 and guess what fans... Yep they to have Java enabled their browser! (what platforms are missing??? Win31, Mac68k and well the Commodore 64 now I guess ;-)

Well OS2 fans get ready to 'click here now'...


Thanks for everything Steve!


     Subject: Java for OS/2 Webexplorer 
        Date: Tue, 12 Mar 1996 17:29:50 -0500 
        From: Steve Amstadt <Birdman@nando.net>
    Reply-To: Birdman@nando.net
          To: dgaraffa@browserwatch.com


I realize that you probably don't care about OS/2. I have provided you
with two tips regarding Java for IBM OS/2 Webexplorer and not once did
you mention these tips in the Browserwatch news sectiom.  Believe it or
not, people actually use OS/2 and Webexplorer.  For your information, a
Java enable Webexplorer was released by IBM today.  You can find out
about it at the following URL:


Give OS/2 a chance and 'just say no' to Microsoft.


Steve Amstadt




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