Tuesday February 09, 1999

1996 Spring Game


12:49 CDT
Good afternoon Husker fans, and welcome to the 1996 Red-White Spring Game.

12:50 CDT
Please excuse me if I disapppear at some point, I'm having some modem problems and we're trying to get a faster modem set up.

12:51 CDT
They're doing a video tribute to Brook Berringer right now.

12:54 CDT
For those who haven't been here before, this web page will auto-refresh every two minutes. At the end of each quarter we will switch to a new block.
When we tested this the other day, I wasn't getting the formatting working quite right, I don't know if it is working as I write this or not, but I'll assume it is.

12:55 CDT
I'm now switching ove to the 1st quarter.

1st Quarter

12:56 CDT
The white squad receives the ball first, and carries it out to around the 20.
Monte Christo carries the ball, gets out to about the 25.

12:57 CDT
I think I missed a play, Christo may have recovered his own fumble.

12:58 CDT
Oops, Rose changes his mind, Perino is the QB. (Number switcht to avoid using Berringer's 18) Incomplete pass, the White squad will punt.

12:58 CDT
Benning catches the punt at the 45 and is stopped there.

12:59 CDT
The red team takes over at it's own 44. Frost the QB, tries to hit Holbein but just hits the fingertips.

12:59 CDT
Spread formation. Green the only I-back, gets the ball and goes out at about the White 47. Flag on the play.

13:01 CDT
Late hit, ball now on the 32.
Frost pitches to Green, he's out of bounds, no gain.

13:02 CDT
Flag on the play, it's on the defense. 2nd and 5.
Pass complete to Holbein at the 25. 3rd and 2 coming.

13:03 CDT
Pitch to Green, he gets to the 24, that'll be short of the 1st down.

13:03 CDT
Pitch to Green, Tomich drags him down, flag, possible facemask.

13:04 CDT
5 yard face mask, 1st down at the White 19.

13:05 CDT
Makovicka gets the ball, gets maybe 1 yard.

13:05 CDT
Schuster into the game. Pass complete to Holbein at the 10, he falls forward to the 8.

13:06 CDT
Pass into the end zone, batted down by Vershan Jackson, knocked down by the defende, Jerome Peterson.

13:07 CDT
The pitch is behind Green, Jackson falls on it for a big loss back to the 16.

13:08 CDT
KFAB is running some old plays and missed the current on.
Frost kept it, got to the 10 or so. Field goal coming from the 16, it's good.

Red 3, White 0

13:10 CDT
Kickoff goes into the end zone, touchback.

13:10 CDT
Perino is still the QB. Pass incomplete to Haafke. A bit behind the receiver.

13:11 CDT
Fullback up the middle to the 26, Ben Kingston.

13:12 CDT
Pitch to Sims, he's short of the 1st at the 28.

13:13 CDT
The white squad will punt, Lafleur gets off a good one, Wiggins bobbles it, and the White squad recovers at the 10. DeBates recovering the ball.

13:13 CDT
Perino on the option, gets to about the 8.

13:14 CDT
Perino hits Applegate, he gets to the 3.

13:14 CDT
Sims gets the ball and scores for the white team.

13:15 CDT
The extra point is good.

Red 3, White 7

13:18 CDT
Retzlaff kicks off, Benning gets it, takes it out to the 30.
Pitch to Benning, he gets to the 31.

13:18 CDT
Lawrence Phillips was drafted 6th, by the Rams.

13:18 CDT
No other Huskers taken yet.

13:19 CDT
Terwilliger is injured and comes out. Frost mishandles the snap but the Red team keeps it, losing a bunch.
Benning brings it out to the 17, a long ways from the 1st.

13:20 CDT
Kosch back to punt, taken by Whiting at the 45.

13:21 CDT
Sims gets it, takes it to the 49.

13:22 CDT
Terwilliger has an injured shoulder.
Penalty on the last play, holding on the offense.

13:22 CDT
1st and 20. Screen pass to Whiting, he gets to the 41, tackeled by Warfield.

13:23 CDT
Single back set, Perino keeps it on a busted play, he's knocked out of bounds by Fulman.

13:24 CDT
3rd and 5. Sims gets to the 45, just short of the 1st.

13:25 CDT
They go for it on 4th down, but it doesn't work. Sims carried.

13:25 CDT
Benning carries, loses yardage.

13:25 CDT
Hesse in on the tackle for a 4 yard loss.
Frost keeps it, gets to the 48.

13:26 CDT
Frost is hit, loses the ball again but falls on it.

13:28 CDT
Flag before the play.
I'm not sure what happened but there was a punt, the white squad takes over at about the 25.

13:29 CDT
I think I missed two plays fiddling with the radio. Sorry.

13:30 CDT
Sims carries, he's short of the 1st. 4th down end of the quarter.

2nd Quarter

13:32 CDT
I'm going to do the 2nd quarter from the KFAB call, I mostly used KLIN the 1st quarter but actually had both stations on. Too hard to follow.

13:34 CDT
KFAB is continuing to run plays from past games. Stupid idea.
I think KFAB missed a punt. Terwilliger has a near separation on his right shoulder. I think Frost carried it on 1st down. 2nd and 6. Green gets 3.

13:35 CDT
There was a fumble, apparently, the white team has the ball. Christo in at QB
Christo gets to the 42. I think I'll move back to KLIN and Jim Rose's call at the next commercial.
Christo again, no gain.

13:37 CDT
3rd and 9 for the white team, I'm not sure what happened.
Shaw nails Sims for 1 yard gain when there was a big hole.

13:38 CDT
Pass complete to Haafke, short of the 1st down.

13:38 CDT
Turman will come in at QB. He keeps it, tackled by Wistrom and Hesse.

13:39 CDT
Turman has the pocket collapse on him, Hesse in on the sack.

13:39 CDT
Turman in the shotgun, complete to Holbein in the open, he's pushed out of bounds at the 12.

13:40 CDT
Turman keeps it, is knocked out of bounds by Booker at the 11.

13:43 CDT
Schuster takes it to the 9. Turman ducks up the middle, gets to maybe the 8.

13:43 CDT
Brown in for a field goal attempt. It's good.

Red 6, White 7, 9:44 left in the 1st half

13:45 CDT
Brown to kick off, it comes out to the 27. Christo will QB again.

13:47 CDT
Network response seems to be getting worse, it might be related to the slower than usual modem connection.
Penalty, offsides on the defense before the play.
2nd and about 3.
Raymond is close to the 1st at the 36.

13:47 CDT
Christo hits Debates at the Red 40, he gets to the 35.

13:49 CDT
No gain by Sims(?).
Christo takes off, gets to the 29, 3rd and 3.

13:51 CDT
Running play, it's close to the 1st. (I seem to be having about as much trouble with Rose and Fiala as I do with Pavelka and Gary S.
1st down at the 25.
Fake to the fullback, pass intended to Held, incomplete.

13:52 CDT
Sims gets the ball, gets back to the line of scrimmage, Kelsay on the tackle.

13:53 CDT
Christo gets the pass off as he's being rushed by Shaw, it's incomplete. Flag on the play. Defense lined up in the neutral zone.

13:53 CDT
Kingston gets it to the 20. McFarlin on the stop.

13:55 CDT
They go for it on 4th down. Christo hits TJ DeBates for a TD.
The PAT is good by Retzlaff.

Red 6, White 14.

13:57 CDT
Green has the kickoff, takes it out to around midfield.

13:58 CDT
Frost in at QB again. Takes it to the White 48, Travis Toline on the tackle.

13:58 CDT
Frost keeps it again, gets the 1st down.

13:59 CDT
It looks like the Red team is concentrating on the running game for now.
Frost can't find a receiver, gets back to about the line.

14:00 CDT
5 yard penalty on the defense.
Frost keeps it, gets a 1st down inside the 20.

14:01 CDT
Frost pitches to Benning, he gets to the 16. Flag down.

14:01 CDT
Penalty on the red squad this time, holding.

14:03 CDT
Ball at the 25. No setbacks, shotgun formation.
Frost rolls out but nobody open, he eats it, losing 3.
Pass incomplete to Wiggins. Under 2 minutes left in the half.

14:04 CDT
Pass may have been tipped, intercepted by the white squad.

14:07 CDT
Perino throws a bomb to Held at the Red 36, flag downfield.
A running play loses 2, but there's a flag. illegal use of hands on the offense.

14:08 CDT
Perino scrambles, picks up some of the yardage back. Another holding call on the white squad.

14:10 CDT
1st and 42. Sims carries for a small gain. Time out, 9 seconds left in the half.
2nd and 39. Perino puts it up deep, Haafke can't catch up with it.

14:11 CDT
Swing pass to Sims ends the half.
Red 6, White 14 at the half.


14:12 CDT
I'm going to try to fix the modem problem during halftime.

14:21 CDT
OK, I think I've got it working better now.
Looks like the formatting is working OK, too.
KLIN is doing a tribute to Brook Berringer during halftime.

14:26 CDT
So far, Scott Frost has not had all that great a game, but neither has anybody else. Christo and Perino have had some good plays.

14:31 CDT
Several players are sitting out the spring game for disciplinary reasons or because injuries: Riley Washington, Tim Carpenter (knee surgery), Aaron Wills, Kenny Cheatham, Frankie London, Terrell Farley, and Scott Saltsman.
FB Billy LeGate is listed in the Journal-Star as not playing today, but I think he's been in on a play. (I could be wrong on that.)

14:32 CDT
The pressbox is full for today's spring game, which is a first. Among the media present are the New York Times, Sports Illustrated, and the Kansas City Star.

14:35 CDT
I haven't made up my mind about Jim Rose as a radio play-by-play announcer yet. He's not always doing a good job of naming the ballcarrier, but that may be related to this being the spring game. Adrian Fiala is still an excellent color commentator.
The teams are back on the field.

14:37 CDT
Scott Frost had an excellent spring game last year, but he was on the White squad last year. This year he's on the Red squad, so he has to face the #1 defense.
If today's game is any indication, the defense isn't going to lose much from this past season.

14:38 CDT
The starting QB job will probably still be somewhat open after today's game, although it wouldn't surprise me to see Scott Frost listed atop the final depth chart from spring drills.

3rd Quarter

14:39 CDT
Retzlaff kicks off the start the 3rd quarter, Benning takes it out to about the 43.

14:39 CDT
Frost at center again, gives it to Green, who loses 3. Stopped by Tomich and Hesse.

14:40 CDT
Fake to Green, Frost keeps it, gets to the 42.

14:40 CDT
3rd and a long 11. Frost throws it deep, batted down by Jeff Ogard.

14:41 CDT
The red team is called for holding.

14:42 CDT
Brown will punt. He gets off a good one, downed at the 1.
Now they call it a touchback.

14:42 CDT
Sims to the 30, 1st down at the 31.

14:43 CDT
Kris Brown got off about a 70 yard punt on that one.
Perino pitches to Sims, he gets to the 33.

14:45 CDT
FB gets 5.
Perino keeps it, comes up a yard short, 4th down.
The officials throw a flag before the punt.
The punt may have been partially blocked, Benning gets it to the 29, DeBates kept him from getting into the clear.

14:46 CDT
Frost just misses Vershan Jackson, off his fingers.

14:47 CDT
Green on a counter, loses yardage, tackled by Hesse and Wistrom. (They're getting a lot of tackles)

14:48 CDT
3rd and 15, Frost had Holbein open for a 1st down but it goes incomplete.

14:49 CDT
Kosch into punt this time, gets it to about the 27.
Perino in at QB.
Perino is sacked by Mike Rucker at the 18.

14:50 CDT
Penalty before the play on the defense for jumping offsides.
Perino gets to the 31.

14:51 CDT
Perino can't get off a good pass, incomplete.

14:52 CDT
The white squad will punt. LaFleur gets it to the 25, Benning bobbles it, falls on it back at the 19.

14:53 CDT
Frost keeps it, gets 4.

14:53 CDT
Frost chased out of the pocket, throws an incomplete pass towards Holbein who was covered by Booker.

14:56 CDT
Shotgun, shovel pass to Benning who is stopped by Travis Toline.
A new punter in, Bilanzich. Not a great punt but it goes into white territory.
A running play for no gain.
Perino is sacked by Kelsay.

14:57 CDT
3rd and 15. FB Kingston gets 4.

14:58 CDT
Benning has trouble with the punt again, but he picks it up, finds an opening, and goes 82 yards for a touchdown.

14:59 CDT
They go for 2. Frost hits Vedral for the 2 points.
That ties the score 4:21 left in the 3rd,

Red 14, White 14

15:00 CDT
Heisman Trophy winner Eddie George is drafted 14 by Houston. (Or is that Nashville?)
Kris Brown kicks off, Whiting at the 2 gets to the 31.

15:02 CDT
Hmm, if this game is tied will they use the new overtime rules?
Pass incomplete, should have been caught.

15:03 CDT
Dead ball penalty, substitution problem on the offense.
Christo drops back, throws towards Held, incomplete.

15:03 CDT
Kingston gets it, picks up 3, 4th and 11.

15:04 CDT
LaFleur in to punt. Benning at the 16, he breaks into the clear and gets across midfield to the 44.

15:05 CDT
Turman in at QB. Pass complete at the 35 to Vedral, just short of the 1st down.

15:05 CDT
Pitch to Green, he gets the 1st but not much more.

15:06 CDT
Turman option right, gets to the 25.

15:07 CDT
Turman reads the blitz, gets 5 yards on a QB draw.

15:08 CDT
Green is inside the 10.

15:08 CDT
Wiggins doesn't turn around in time on a timing play, incomplete pass.

15:09 CDT
Turman rolls right, he's inside the 5 and it takes several players to bring him down.

15:10 CDT
End of the 3rd quarter.

4th Quarter

15:11 CDT
Turman looking for an open receiver, has to eat it at the 7.

15:12 CDT
Kris Brown in for the field goal. A 24 yard try, it's good.

15:12 CDT

Red Squad 17, White Squad 14

15:13 CDT
Brown kicks off, goes to the back of the end zone, touchback.

15:16 CDT
Kingston gets 6. Pass complete to Haafke.
Christo at QB. Pass intended for the TE, intercepted by Jeffrey.

15:16 CDT
Turman up the middle, not much there.

15:17 CDT
Turman throws down the sideline, no receiver nearby.

15:17 CDT
Turman hits Lake at the 31.

15:18 CDT
The red team goes for it on 4th and 6. Turman throws deep towards Wiggins, but he has to play DB to keep it from being intercepted.

15:19 CDT
Perino in at QB for the white team. A running play gets 2.

15:19 CDT
Perino hits Applegate for a 1st down across midfield.

15:20 CDT
Perino has to throw quickly, misses his receiver.

15:22 CDT
Kingston through the middle of the line, the FB gets a 1st down.

15:22 CDT
Raymond gets to the 23, a pickup of 7.

15:23 CDT
Kingston is stopped after gaining about a yard.

15:23 CDT
Perino throws a weak pass, nobody near it.

15:24 CDT
4th down and about 2 at the 21. They go for it.
Perino keeps it, gets the 1st down.

15:25 CDT
Perino rolls left, keeps it, goes out at the 16.

15:26 CDT
Under 9 minutes left in the game.
Kingston gets to the 11, short of the 1st.

15:26 CDT
3rd and 1 at the 9. Kingston has the 1st down and is down at the 6.

15:27 CDT
Players are starting to switch sides.
Sims dances around but can only get to the 5.

15:27 CDT
Perino keeps it, gets maybe a yard.

15:28 CDT
Call it no gain, 3rd and goal at the 4. Perino is sacked at the 15 by Dave Jones.

15:29 CDT
Retzlaff comes in for the FG attempt. It's good from 30 yards out. Tie game again.

Red 17, White 17

15:31 CDT
Dan Haydenfeld (SP) will kick off.
Comes out to the 35. Frost in at QB again.

15:32 CDT
Frost to the 44, stopped by the rover.
Frost keeps it, gets to the 47 and picks up a 1t down.

15:33 CDT
Benning may have been looking to throw, he's nailed for a loss.

15:34 CDT
Um, make that Frost pitching to Benning.
Pass complete to Vedral who goes into the end zone but stepped out of bounds at the 32. Flag on the play.

15:34 CDT
Face mask on the defense, 5 yards. personal foul on the offense for spiking the ball.

15:35 CDT
That gives the red a 1st down at the 42. Vedral will hear about that, he spiked the ball thinking he scored.
Benning gets 3.

15:36 CDT
Flags as the play gets started, false start.
Ball at the 44. Frost keeps it, gets to the 42.

15:37 CDT
Frost dumps it off to Green, he gets about 5.

15:37 CDT
4th and 5. Frost goes left, he's got the 1st and is inside the 30.

15:38 CDT
Frost's running game is looking better. 1st and 10 at the 25. Pass towards Sheldon Jackson is incomplete.

15:39 CDT
About a minute left in the game.
Green gets to the 24.

15:40 CDT
Injury time out, Ben Buttenback hobbles off.
Frost loses his shoe but gets to the 14 for a 1st down.

15:43 CDT
That was a high snap on a shotgun formation, apparently.
30 seconds left.
Offsides on the white squad.
Frost is tackled by Jason Peter at the 10.

15:44 CDT
2nd and 6 at the 10. Frost in the shotgun, pitches to Green who fights his way to the 7. time out by the red team with 13 seconds left.

15:45 CDT
The red team has one time out left.
Pass into the end zone to Holbein, who catches it but is out of bounds.

15:46 CDT
8 seconds left, Brown comes in for the FG.
25 yard attempt. Good!

Red 20, White 17

15:46 CDT
4 seconds left.

15:48 CDT
Brown kicks off to Haafke, who fair catches the ball. The white team will get one play.

15:49 CDT
Shotgun formation, low snap. Perino is pressured and tackled to end the game.

Final Score: Red 20, White 17

15:50 CDT
For those on the Huskers List, we will have complete stats tomorrow morning.
Thank you all for tuning in.
This is Mike Nolan saying goodbye until next fall.

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