WWC Documentation Project

Warren Wilson College has experienced tremendous leaps forward in technology since 1994.  Many people have contributed to these advances in technology, and some of them have since moved on to new and different employment situations.  As is often the case when a System Administrator moves on, some important pieces of information that were never written down left with them.  This web site is my effort to prevent that happening when I leave some day in the future.  On an ongoing basis, I will be documenting the technology that makes our campus network run.  Some of the technology is obscure.  Some of it is out of date.  But everything described here works.  Some areas of this site will be password protected.  The password will be made available to a future system administrator, or current WWC employees who require the protected information.

This web site is being built using vi (and Netscape Composer to save time).

Here are the projects which are currently in the works:

The following projects are well established, although ongoing: These systems were implemented by my staff and I and require special documentation: Here are the requisite fantasy projects to round out the page: Watch this space for more information on how each of these projects is progressing.
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Here is a picture of the SysAdmin with two Sri Lankan, Buddhist monks...I'm the one in the middle with the hair.

Look for more information about Lee Sudduth, and other general collected ramblings about Snipes and Dungeons.