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From time to time, the PC Leader or an individual member of the Progressive Conservative Caucus issues a press release to the media. To read recent releases, click on your choice.

Fed Up with Lack of Government Action Feb 05/99 Neil LeBlanc
Sell Volvo Plant Advantages To Ford Jan 30/99 John Hamm
Miners & Cape Breton Economy Failed Jan 29/99 John Hamm
Liberal Interference Created QE II Debt Jan 27/99 John Hamm
Y2K Education Problems Need Answers Soon Jan 27/99 Ernest Fage
Ignoring Concerns Habit Of Health Minister Jan 22/99 John Hamm
Extend George's Bank Moratorium Jan 21/99 Michael Baker
Kaufman Report Must Be Acted On Jan 20/99 Murray Scott
Support Sought On Abuse Compensation Jan 15/99 Murray Scott
George's Bank Moratorium Extension Requested Jan 11/99 Neil LeBlanc

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