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GAIM: GTK+ America OnLine Instant Messenger


[GAIM Login screen - click to see the fullsize version]GAIM is an Open Source 'clone' of America OnLine's Instant Messenger client using the GTK+ toolkit. It features most of the functionality of the official AIM client while being much smaller and faster (or, so we hope). It features multiple groups, group chat, user information fetching and registration, time stamping, sound (for when you really do want to be interrupted), multiple away messages, and probably a few other things.

GAIM was originally written by Mark Spencer and is now being maintained by Jim Duchek as well as having GNOME support added in by Peter Jones. You can fetch the latest snapshots and releases (when those become available) at the GAIM ftp site.

New: Check out the online User's Guide to GAIM. You'll laugh, you'll cry, uh, you can figure it out.

Contact Information

Mark Spencer, original author: markster@marko.net, markster97 with GAIM

Jim Duchek, maintainer: jimduchek@ou.edu, Zilding with GAIM

Peter Jones, GNOME and applet stuff: pjones@redhat.com

FAQ list

Q: How can I have multiple groups?
A: When you add a buddy, just type the name of the group in the box where it says "Buddies".

Q: I'm getting an error. au2h.c:2: error.h: No such file or directory
A: libc5... remove "#include" from au2h.c

Q: Is it Open Source?
A: Of course! Licensed under the GPL.

Q: Are there any other AIM clients?
A: At least one; FAIM. You can always try a search at Freshmeat, too.

Q: Did you reverse engineer it?
A: No. It uses the published Tik/Toc protocol.

Q: TCP or UDP?

Q: Why did you do it?
A: To learn the GTK+ toolkit.

Q: Will you do a version with Qt?
A: Probably not.

Q: How about for Windows 9x?
A: Definitely not! Why would you want it anyway?

Q: Can I IM you?
A: Sure. Look for markster97 and/or Zilding.

Q: How can I contribute?
A: Submit patches, help with documentation, etc. Email me for more information.

Q: Can I give you money (or hardware), you being a poor student developing free software instead of studying like you should be and all?
A: Sure.

Q: What else have you done?
A: Linux Support Services and a few other things.

Q: Where the heck is my buddy listed stored?
A: Your buddy list is stored on AOL's server. "Why?" you ask. Because, by doing it that way, you get the same buddy list from any machine that you log in from.

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