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Some of it even intended by the authors.

... from the secret files of Max Cannon
smartly subversive cartoons in a near-perfect site
bully magazine ... new and growing online humor mag
ministry of humour ... your portal to chortles. a yahoo-like directory of funny sites
ask bruno ... bruno antony, "noted pipesmoker/internet expert," guides you to some of the web's weirder places. funny, well written weekly colum
callahan online ... laugh at the maimed, sick and unfortunate?
heartless's holey haven
... more pointed probing from the brilliant homepage pioneer LMichelle. if justin (of the underground) were a designer and female, he'd be LMichelle. recommended (but not for kids). (also under Best)
wwwVOice ... humor zine featuring buD UgllY DesigN
new! Ads From Comic Books
Lamprey Systems ... demented software
Gallery of the Absurd ... 1997 Webby double winner

W E L L    M A D E    WEB

The best-designed sites out there.

new! – exceptionally-designed, cryptically arty shockwave site (formerly ... Taber is an immensely talented young designer, and this is his home port. New Taber projects include, which will not be to everyone's taste, but is very tastefully designed.
chris dato ... impeccable web presentation of this fashion and portrait photographer's portfolio. clean and deceptively simple design.
pixel: industries ... a digital shingle for, creator of eyesaw fonts (below). insanely impressive, even in its unfinished state. netscape-style "dhtml" and truedoc abound, so communicator 4.0.7 or higher is pretty strongly recommended.
designspace ... sheer, poetic design excellence along with wonderful content on the hazards of web development. a must-see.
eyesaw fonts ... incredible new website offering superb free grundge fonts. playful yet technically accomplished. love it.
new! jan van der ven ... a personal site that's great to explore. invitingly designed, cleverly written, and the man himself seems to have a pretty fascinating life. be sure to see weirdo and monkey grip. very nice! (notice the use of eyesaw fonts.) ... work of digital artist brian mason
existence ... stylish and original work. stark, powerful, technically savvy. not much content yet, but it's sure to come.
blue dog multimedia ... mark underhill's superfine flash and shockwave portfolio site. shows what you can do with talent, technology, and hard work.
bienvenue ... fantastically wrought visual art site (french language). painstaking craftsmanship, unusual optical richness.
walk in kindness - the passage of soul through technology ... native american woman and her magic
tintin (justin fox) ... 23 year old indoesian/ aussie designer with a keen eye; president of his own web design firm
new! ... most excellent personal site from a girl who works at netscape
new! sugarcrash ... stylish works by a eunuch's widow. cryptic, punky.
new! tube ... Pär Almqvist's latest online mag: music and more from Bergman country
new! consider it done ... just a nice example of what a personal portfolio site can be ... long overdue link to the personal site of master web designer derek powazek, creator of the fray
new! basile gallery ... sleek site for art and furniture gallery, designed by john halcyon styn
JVOX's boomstick ... slick sleek gaming site by my old partner joel tallent, whose last name fits him. ... albie wong's amazing kaleidoscope schemes (it's a mac thing). beauty for its own sake. ... wondrous talent ... makes me feel like the lowly hack that i am. great web design, no compromises
art of the personal homepage ... another l. michelle production. not so much for the design (though that's good) as for the theory – that personal homepages are the heart of the web. worth reading. ... masterpiece of web design, with the awards to prove it. plenty of useful info, too – not to mention entertainment value and attitude. maybe the best personal site of '97. i love this guy.
new! atomic drive-in ... elegant, well-made personal site
new! flow ... experimental personal site (swedish lang., updated url)
new! the boneyard ... engagingly designed directory of links ... it's the content, stupid.
new! ... it's the content, stupid.
Mozco !Garash! ... amazing icons and graphic design from Japan (also in art)
mark's web world ... nice Shockwave and 3-D interactive pieces, optimized for fast delivery.
updated! steven f. woolf
... beautifully constructed arts site. visual art, poetry, fiction, more. an artistic community in the making. submissions considered.
new! epiphany enterprises
... gorgeous homepage of multi-talented site designer/artist/writer. submissions considered in unique writer's workshop section.

new! they might be giants
great band, great site (also under Music). clever tricks throughout, but never for their own sake – always to enhance.
jodi ... you figure it out. completely non-narrative and experiential.
the place
... exceptional art, narrative content & layout. an oldie (1994) that continues to fascinate. way ahead of its time. (this site has moved or gone offline.)
quiet foxes ... file under "zen." conceptual art that embraces the medium.
david siegel's casbah
... the old standby. ... siegel's book site.
4zero4 web design
... fine graphic work
dream designs
... one of the first sites to use java well.
... lush media circus (requires patience or T1)
... pure venomous intelligence, updated daily. not what it once was (better when it was just the work of two men)
... shifting art content, mysterioso glitz. site of the well-known nyc web shop.


Underground artists & artists under ground.

jerkbox & punk'nhead! ... bold & flashy cartooning.
endless samsara ... elegant and original. ... work of digital artist brian mason
sugarcrash ... stylish works by a eunuch's widow. cryptic, punky.
new! basile gallery ... sleek site for art and furniture gallery, designed by john halcyon styn ... free desktop icons not unlike our pardon my icons collection, in a nice-looking site
captain beefheart radar station ... don van vliet's paintings & other works; updated url and site name
new! ... another ames k. creation
new! Mozco !Garash! ... amazing graphic design from Japan (also in "best")
new! ... body art, baby
new! ... nifty site of animator/cartoonist
new! LOKO Pictures ... groovy new animation site! well done.
new! Dave Norton ... artist, webslinger, punk. go!
new! Land of Lost Gods
... must be seen to be believed!
new! Jaeger Art
... Phillip Jaeger's unusual art, plus quiz show, golden cluster award, more.
new! Managa Entertainment
... rockin' animation site (heavy graphics)
new! Steven F. Woolf
... masterful. (also under "Best")
new! Hud's Halloween A-Go-Go – comics/graphic novels author's site
Robert S. Wright
... gestural, pattern & action paintings in an elegant site
          site and link updated
new! Works of K. Ungeheuer, ... German surrealist (1908-1988)
new! True Cartoons of D. Cagle
new! Lloyd Erlick - Unretouched Portraits
new! Christy Sanford's Medusa ... web & gender politics
The Visual Sector: Found Photos
... the beauty of strangers' Kodak moments
Creation of Angels
... poetry in motion -- literally
Works of Jeffrey Kurland
Dragonfly Dream ... unique page, fluxus links
Mac Man Returns
George Coates Performance Works
... interactive sf theater piece
new! Mystic Fire Video
... keep circulating the tapes
Guerrilla Girls
... our brushes, ourselves
Movie Posters
... pop culture
WebMuseum... dead artists
Andy Warhol Museum

M U S I C       S O U N D

Th' hills are alive, y'all.

beastie boys ... a cool band gets a worthy site in this realaudio, javascripted extravaganza
captain beefheart radar station ... don van vliet's paintings & other works; updated url and site name
drummer's collective ... site of the renowned nyc drum school.
new! round flat records ... punk, ska, indie, industrial ... search over 9000 titles on line. very cool ... hear indie music in beautiful streaming audio
new! bar none records ... hoboken's own; superb indie label
new! They Might Be Giants
great band, great site (also under Best)
mediaboynew! media boy
... nifty band, weird & witty website
new! Soul Coughing!
2.13.61 ... Rollins et al (also under Word)
addicted to noise
...stare at this when you're not staring at videos
Afghan Whigs
Ark Music Session Burea ... resource for bands & producers
Frank Black ... updated link
Frank Black Audio Samples
Captain Beefheart
CD Now ... online CD store
Miles Davis Discography
Christopher DeLaurenti, American Composer
... 3 Camels for Orchestra & Other Weird New American Music
      ... updated link
Duke Ellington on Impulse!
... well, maybe not that frequently
Eno home updated link
Eno's Oblique Strategies
Funhouse Record Label Contacts
... got a band? get a label.
Bernard Herrmann
... the great film composer (Hitchcock, Welles, "Day The Earth Stood Still," etc.)
Hendrix ... rather lame site for late innovator
Hip Rhythm Digest ... resource for drummers
*Internet Underground Music Archive
Jazz Central Station
... too slick, but whatcha gonna do? there's not much jazz on the web
Knitting Factory NYC
... on the other hand, jazz is alive and well here
Latin Music Online
Lennon ... updated link
Modern Drummer Online
Punk Page ... updated link
(World Wide) Punk ... updated link
Say! phonetic device (primitive cousin of Apple's text-to-speech)
Ska Reggae Dub
Sonic Youth ... not what it could be, but it's what we've got
...uglier with each update, but still useful ...
Sound Effects ... from drum loops to Burroughs cut-ups
new! SoundNet! ... news, new bands & more
Talking Heads WWW
*Ultimate Band List ... updated link
Virtual Audio Library
Waves Theme Page ...midi & tv themes
XTC ... great, underappreciated songwriters
Yma Sumac


We've got your clips here.



Sell your CD ROM.

new! sneak reviews ... matthew haughey's smart, nicely designed site. useful 'n purty.
new! Dog Eat Dog Films ... the works of Michael Moore
WarnerBros. Movie Central
Dr. Daniel's Movie Emergency
Synecdoche novella & screenplay
Film 100
... intelligent film site, informative and nicely-designed; requires java-capable browser
new! Celebrity Link Directory ... links of the rich & famous
Movie Cliches List ... updated link
*Internet Movie Database, Cardiff UK ... sell your Maltin
*Internet Movie Database, Mississippi US
... faster (US) mirror.
new! Madame Falbeaux's Cinema Mystique
new! The ... screenwriters' resources
Screenwriters Online
Off-World (Blade Runner Page)
Blade Runner Online Magazine ... updated link
Cult Shop
Film.Com Reviews
Film Forum, NYC
... Scorcese's favorite theater – 'nuff said
Godfather Trilogy
... extravagant multimedia fan page
Kubrick ... living genius
Spike Lee
... robbed at the Oscars; now robbed at the Webbys. still waiting for a worthy site
Hitchcock ... perhaps the greatest of all
Hitchcock Page ... some great stuff once you make it past the index page
John Waters' Dreamland .. fan's tribute to the Pope of bad taste
Todd Haynes ... "Dottie Gets Spanked" auteur
Mystic Fire Video
... Maya Deren, Anger & assorted visionaries
Woody Allen Page ... info & multimedia
David Lynch ... twice-updated link
Cramer's Cult Film Page
Star Wars ... updated link. hate to do it but have to. splash page reminiscent of somebody's 1995 bat site
Video Vault ... best video source in DC area (like NYC's Kim's); mail order avail.

T V    C U L T U R E

Insights into our common spiritual heritage.

new! ... official web home of Miss Thing
Joel's Gizmonic Antsite
      ... from MST3K creator
Lawrence Welk Mailing List Home Page ... just like it says. new!
Lawrence Welk       – Current magazine on Welk's continued popularity on PBS
The Lawrence Welk Show
Welk Resort ... new, cool, "wunnerful!"
Batman: The Animated Series ... updated link.
     ... now an official site, orig. by fan ames kirschen.
            warner's could have sued him; instead they hired him. i love that story.
American Movie Classics
Independent Film Channel



Online books, mags, resources & science projects.

Magazine Name:  
Magazine URL :  
Magazine Category:      
Magazine Description:   
Publishing Frequency:   
Magazine Publisher:     

writing & typography
(compiled by Nicolas Prade of A List Apart)
Strunk & White's Essential Guide
          book: "The Elements of Style" by Strunk and E.B. White.
Grammar and Style Notes
Webster's Dictionary
ARTFL Project: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, 1913 Edition
The Fontsite:
book: =B3Digital Type Design Guide=B2 by Sean Cavanaugh (Hayden Books)
The Curmudgeon's Stylebook
An Elementary Grammar
alt.english.usage FAQ
The Grammar Lady

Poet Preserve
... a directory of humorous poetry sites
Online Writer's Workshop!
      useful & cool. submit your work!
NY Times Book Review (password required)
Classic Fiction in HTML Form
Fiction on the Web
... complete texts, from Aesop to Woolf
Shakespeare Homepage
Wm. S. Burroughs
Doris Lessing Retrospective
... visionary novelist
2.13.61 ... Henry Rollins et al (also under Music)
Your Name
  ... its meaning according to the Kabalabian Society
Synecdoche novella & screenplay
vsearch: the pub formerly known as Re/SEARCH
new! ... author of two funny advertising novels (Ferman's Devils and Boddekker's Demons) as well as several sci-fi books

Eric Bogosian
United States of Poetry
. . . add your lines to The American Poem
Is That a Fact? ... test your knowledge
s u c k
Netly News
Magellan Internet Directory
new! bOING bOING ... funky netzine
Vision? Nary! (updated link)
Strunk's Elements of Style I learned to write so good
... finish your term paper without cracking open a book
new! Writer's Resources
Writer's General Reference
How far is it?
Trade-Net Italy


Jus' like I pictured it.

new! New York Network . . . everything you need
Total NYC
new! Metrobeat ... fellow NetGuide Platinum winner
now playing SOB's
Empire State Bldg. web cam-live
      ... remember when this was the coolest thing? Brooklyn Bridge web cam


Public service (limited interest).

new! Ad-Mad ... new ad forum from down under.
Ask Guy Tucker ... fun site and great resource for jobs ... author of two funny advertising novels (Ferman's Devils and Boddekker's Demons) as well as several sci-fi books
The Ad Store ... cool nyc agency, site re-designed by someone you know
new! Follis Advertising, Inc. - "Cool Ads That Work"
Crappy Ad of the Week
new! ... web ad banners with edge
new! Zero Budget Web(fr.)
... just when you'd forgiven them for Jerry Lewis, the French start worshipping advertising
5:01 Design
Martin Agency
Fallon McElligot
Chiat ... nicely redesigned
Team One
O & M 'BrandNet' ... uh-huh.
net folio ... beautiful design work
DDB Needham

O. P .P.
(Other People's Pages)

Web innovators, chums & powers of example.

For web-building help, see Web Tools and Ask Doctor Web.

daniel ... beautifully made personal site. we've come a long way, baby!
heinovision! ... intelligently designed personal site with depth
d. ... beautifully designed, nasty and dark; adult themes.
Steve McCarron's Home page
... web partner (Batman Forever), ad partner
Alec Pollak's page
... web partner (Batman Forever, Ace Ventura Homepage, others)
Tery Spataro's Digital Altar
... Siteline partner & her alter ego:
      DChurch Unleashed
... tery's other side
          new! ... latest incarnation
... designed Duracell site & others
... 3 months ahead of the rest
The High Five Award Page
... should be viewed before the following page
B1FF#S K3WL H0M3 PAG3!!!
... should be viewed after the preceding page
... should be viewed
Joel Tallent's Page
... artist/writer/html cowboy, this boy is amazing.
new! Daniel Boyer ... slyly arty & quite unique.
... web boy wonder
new! Randy Pollak
...traditional painting meets digital manipulation.
Strange Sites (Mike Coulter UK)
... eccentric and proud of it
... love his backgrounds
Francois Pottier
... French software designer's web home


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