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PC Action Replay for Windows 95/98   PC Action Replay for Windows 95/98 is in the shops now! It was released in December '98. Simply the definitive piece of kit for cheating at the latest Windows games. If you play games on your PC - you need PC Action Replay for Windows 95/98.

From here you can get all the latest codes and updates for the software.

  Software Downloads:

Update to version 1.21 of Action Replay (6th Jan '99) - 167Kb  

Upgrade to the latest version. To check which version you have run Action Replay and look at the bottom right corner of the main menu, if it isn't this version you need to download this update file. Unzip the file to your "Action Replay" folder (this will probably be "C:\Program Files\Datel\Action Replay"). This will replace the files "Replay.exe" and "\Engine\AREngine.eng".

This version fixes the 16bit colour mouse problem. Those of you who have fancy mouse cursors will now find your mouse no longer disappears in the Action Replay main menu.

  Cheat Code Downloads:

How to add codes:
Download one of the zip files below. Unzip it to your downloads folder ("C:\Program Files\Datel\Action Replay\Downloads"). Run Action Replay and from the "Game Codes" screen select "Add Code". Now select all the codes you want to add and click OK.

Full UK code list (all codes) (27th Jan '99) - 39Kb  
This is the full UK code list, every code ever, for all supported games (see "Supported Games List" below for details).
For faster downloads just get the files below. They average 6Kb in size.

Codes (4th Jan '99). For: - 6Kb  

  • Carmageddon II
  • Heretic II
  • Might & Magic 6 (updated codes)
  • Rouge Squadron
  • Special Ops

UK codes for 'Populous - The Beginning' (9th Jan '99)  
Note: Read the ".txt" file in this zip before using these codes, "/RUNGAME" required in command line or nothing will happen when you launch the game!

Updated UK codes for 'Quake2' (11th Jan '99)  
Codes now work for the standard CD installed version of Quake and the updated version 3.20. Get the patch from ID Software's website .

Codes (20th Jan '99). For:  

  • Balders Gate
  • Descent Freespace
  • Jedi Knight
  • Outlaws
  • Thief

Codes (27th Jan '99). For:  

  • Tomb raider 2 (CD version and patched V1.XX)
  • X-Com
  • Foresaken
  • Rival Realms
  • War of the Worlds

Codes (2nd Feb '99). For:  

  • Starcraft (now supports version 1.04). Get the patch from "www.starcraft.org" or blizzards own website.

Codes (11th Feb '99). For:  

  • Theme Hospital.

  Supported Games List:

Age Of Empires , Army Men , Balders Gate , Carmageddon II , Ceaser III , Commandos , Descent Freespace , Dune 2000 , Final Fantasy 7 , Foresaken , Grand Theft Auto , Heretic II , Jedi Knight , Might & Magic 6 , M1 Tank Platoon 2 , Mech Commander , Mortal Kombat 4 , Outlaws , Police Quest - SWAT 2 , Populous : The Beginning , Quake 2 , Rival Realms , Rouge Squadron , Special Ops , Small Soldiers , StarCraft , Star Wars Rebellion , Theme Hospital , Thief , Tomb Raider 2 , Warlords 3 , Worms 2 , X-COM Interceptor , War of the Worlds


Link to 'PC GameShark' site for US codes 

For those of you who buy your PC games from the US, heres a link to the 'PC GameShark for Windows 95/98' website. From here you can get all the latest codes for the US versions of PC games. Just download the codes and add them as normal.

WARNING: Do not use updates for the PC GameShark software on your PC Action Replay. Update versions for the Action Replay software should only be obtained from this web site.


Something wrong? Something right? Click here to email support@datel.co.uk 


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