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new ZDNET Calls Internet Explorer 5 Beta "Perfect Browser"
Reviewer Ed Bott gives Internet Explorer 5 Beta a five-star rating, calling it "The fastest, most flexible browser you can find." He goes on to say, "IE5 is a slicker, faster, easier-to-use version of IE4, with dozens of tiny improvements and a reorganized interface that collectively make everyday tasks easier." Find out how Internet Explorer stacks up against Netscape Navigator.

Internet Explorer 5 Beta Released for HP-UX
Internet Explorer 5 and Outlook Express Beta are now available for HP-UX computers. Joining the UNIX family of browsers, along with Internet Explorer 5 for Solaris computers released in November, the latest release is designed to make browsing the Web, an intranet, or an internal network easier than ever.

Customers Report High Satisfaction with Internet Explorer 5 Beta
Over 93 percent of those responding to an online survey report that they are satisfied with Internet Explorer 5 Beta. Released for public testing one month ago, demand for the Internet Explorer 5 beta release has been more than double that for the Internet Explorer 4 public beta release over the same period, with approximately 600,000 downloads.

New Microsoft Virtual Machine Available for Internet Explorer
Users of Microsoft Internet Explorer and developers now have the option to download an updated version of Microsoft's virtual machine for Java, which also includes the Java Native Interface (JNI) technology for creating platform-specific applications in Java.

Internet Explorer Administration Kit 5 Beta Available!This links to a site that is not on
To meet your organization's needs and reduce support costs, IEAK 5 beta improves on IEAK 4 with an improved user interface, and greater levels of control over installation, distribution, and configuration when deploying Internet Explorer 5.

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Get Internet Explorer 4.0 the Way You Want It:
Order Internet Explorer 5 on CD-ROM Order it on CD or download it for free from this Web site.

Security Update
Security Update The latest security patches for Internet Explorer

ISPs and CorporationsThis links to a site that is not on
Distribute, customize, and maintain Internet Explorer royalty-free with the Internet Explorer Administration Kit.

For Macintosh Users
Internet Explorer site for Macintosh
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