Cat Codes

Welcome to the cat codes.

Basic groups

Behavioral groups (optional)

An example of Pyewacket and T'pring's cat code follows the lists

If you wish you can FTP a PKZIPped copy of the CatCodes.


Common or formal name followed by ':'


Mixed breeds, if known, can be combined in descending order of contribution (eg: MC+SI).

If a cat "looks like" a particULar breed but parentage is unknown, breed can be enclosed in quotation marks.



Colors can be combined in descending order of area (eg: B+W)

Modifiers can be applied to individual colors by concatenation (eg: W+Bd = white with grey patches), or groups of colours by use of parenthesis (eg: (W+B+R)d = dilute calico, (R+W)t+W = red tabby w/white).

TableEye Color

Odd-eyed colors can be separated by '/', eg: B/G.

Colors can also be added for mixed colors, eg: G+Y = green-gold.


yy or

Eg: 5 = five years old, 1.5 = 17 months, .10 = ten months.





Note: "C*" can be substituted for "C" for a polydactyl.

Behavioral Traits

These are optional fields that describe behavioral, as opposed to physical, traits. Consider omitting the corresponding code if your cat is "normal" (whatever that means for a cat!) or near-normal for the sake of brevity.

TableInside vs outside activity/awareness


Note: Many cats appear to be split-personalities, eg: T++/---

TableActivity level




Note: "smurgling" is defined as kneading some part of a person's body or clothing while simULtaneously nuzzling, licking or sucking.



TableIntelligence ("IQ")

TableLap affinity

TableBelly sensitivity

TablePurr activity

TablePurr loudness

TablePyewacket and T'pring's cat code

Pyewacket: "BO" B G 6 X L+ W C--- I+++ T A- E H+ S V++ F Q++ P- B PA PL--
T'pring: SI Cp B 6 X L- W- C--- I+++ T+ A++ E++ H+ S V+ F Q+ P+ B PA+ PL+++

See our T'pring (13k)

See our Pyewacket (14.4k)


The Catcodes were originated by Eric Williams

And his cats...

Many thanks and bowls of fish to you all

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