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Exploiting the Warburg Theory,
Dr. M. Garnett discovered that all cancer cells have DERANGED ELECTRON
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This is corrected by Poly-MVA.

The Harsh Reality
Cancer is our most expensive disease costing over $170 billion annually
1. Cancer causes more suffering than any other illness:
125 million new cases every year with about 500,000 deaths. An Australian oncologist,
Dr. Karl Horst Poehlman summarizes the work
of many of his colleges throughout the world by saying, "The unsuccessful treatment of cancer is the second biggest business after crude oil"
2.   It is unsuccessful, he says, because their therapy aims at destruction of the tumor when in reality cancer is a systemic disease". More...

New Alternative Offers Hope
Now Poly-MVA offer new hope in a powerful treatment without suffering the dangerous side-effects of strong chemotherapy. Poly-MVA clearly demonstrate anti-tumor activity that may lead to prolonged healthy life. Poly-MVA is a non-toxic, powerful anti-oxidant formula that protects both cell DNA and RNA. Poly-MVA, a cancer cell fighter and immune sytem booster, is made of all-natural, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. More...

Find Practitioners and Researchers with POLY-MVA!

Poly-MVA, compared to chemotherapy, proves power treatment without dangerous side-effects!

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Benefits From
Poly-MVA Use
"Fix the CELL,
control the CANCER"

No toxic effects
Increased energy
Improved appetite
Weight gain
less pain medicine
Slows aging
Protects cell DNA
Powerful antioxidant
Increased strength
Success as adjuvant
Success with alternative health
promotion care

From the University of
New York, Stony Brook,
Dept. of Cell Biology
Paul H. Bingham reports,

"POLY-MVA clearly demonstrates anti-tumor activity,
by inducing energy dependent conformational changes in the DNA and RNA that is specific to cancer cells!"

St. Joseph Hospital reports, "Poly-MVA is extremely effective against Cancer!"

What is your
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The CASIDI program is a new, helpful, online questionnaire for assessing a person's risk for cancer. It is great.
We urge you to try it!

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