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Monolith to publish epic Anime RPG, Septerra Core

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Find out detailed information about the status of the upcoming Shogo Patches! Sanjuro & PC Gamer!

The LithTech 3D Engine

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Shogo Music CD
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Shogo Poll
So ya got the game. Which Mecha weapon is 'da best?
The Shredder baby...
Gimme the Bullgut!
Umm... Juggernaught?
Sniper rifle, all 'da way.

 Loki  1/27/99
 Mike Dussault  1/10/99
 wes  2/8/99
 Craig Hubbard  1/10/99
 Kevin Stephens  1/4/99
 John L Jack  11/18/98
 legion  11/2/98

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Shogo Forum
Ask questions about the game or share your thoughts and ideas with the Shogo community.
Explore the history of the Cronian Revolution and learn how a small group of friends became involved in a conflict that could affect all of humanity.
Fortunately, you'll have incredible firepower on your side. Preview a sampling of the weapons you'll find along the way.
What is Anime?
Find out more about anime and how it relates to Shogo. Includes links to popular anime sites around the Internet.
Shogo Media
Download music, videos, and files that offer a glimpse of Shogo in action.
Meet the characters that will help you or hinder your mission.
Specs for the 30 foot tall transforming mecha you can pilot in Shogo.
Shogo Features
Check out the technology that powers Shogo with a comprehensive feature list and complete system specifications.
Whether on foot or in an MCA, you can count on tough opposition. Here's a selection of some of the enemies you'll face.
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