Alex was born in Canberra on October 20, 1980, but has lived in Sydney since he was two. He has an older brother and a younger sister. He says he first though about acting when he was about seven and then more seriously when he was 10.

"I like the concept of being another person, playing someone totally different," he says. "I started doing drama at school and then more classes when I got an agent."

He has appeared in a university student film and may also be spotted in a FOXTEL commercial, riding a bike with Jamie Croft, brother of HOME AND AWAY co-star Rebecca.

Alex is enjoying playing Joey. "He is so unlike me in so many ways," he says. "He is very naive, innocent, he is just not into the concept of having an image and worrying about what to wear and how to be cool.

"It's not that I am obsessed by those things but he is not even aware that they can be important issues for teenagers. I feel a bit sorry for him sometimes because he is an outsider."

Alex is continuing his Year 11 studies with the tutor on the HOME AND AWAY set. His favourite subjects are History, English and Maths.

He is not sure whether he will set his sights on an acting career because he is also interested in law and the media. His other interests include staying fit by going to the gym and running. He says he likes all music "except really heavy metal".

* Alex first appeared as Joey in Episode 1949, on June 20, 1996.