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STNC's HitchHikerTM smartphone solution granted Millennium Product status

BURY ST. EDMUNDS, England, November 2nd, 1998 - STNC's HitchHikerTM software, which turns a standard mobile phone into a smartphone that can access value added services via the Internet, was selected today as a Millennium Product by the Design Council.

Millennium Products are chosen from all market sectors to highlight pioneering British products which are both innovative and creative. Other Millennium Products include the Lotus Elise sports car, the Psion Series 5 handheld computer, an Iris recognition system developed by Cambridge University and a Gas Lorry developed by Marks & Spencer.

Commenting on the announcement, Amy Mokady, Marketing Director and joint founder of STNC, said: "This is great news for everyone at and associated with the company and will no doubt help us to further raise the profile of HitchHiker, yet another British innovation, on the world stage."

STNC's HitchHiker software, which was launched in February 1998 at a major mobile phone conference in Cannes, France, provides mobile phone developers with a low cost way of giving their subscribers access to information such as travel timetables, directory information, the location of the nearest hotel, or any other information required whilst on the move.

"STNC's HitchHiker software turns a mobile phone into an unlimited source of information. Anything you need to know, wherever you are, can be delivered to your phone at the touch of a button," added Amy Mokady. "No other software product enables manufacturers to create low-cost mobile phones with the wealth of features delivered by HitchHiker. This industry leadership has been recognised by the Design Council in its granting of Millennium Product status to HitchHiker."

Andrew Summers, Design Council Chief Executive, commented, "I am delighted that STNC's HitchHiker smartphone platform has been announced as a Millennium Product and is going to form part of our collection of the most innovative products and services created in Britain for the new millennium."

Based in Bury St. Edmunds, England, STNC is focused on the development of leading-edge communication software for the cellular phone market. STNC's partners include Ericsson, Symbian, TTP Communications, Microware and Psion, and its software is currently available in products from Philips, Psion, Brother and others.

For more information on HitchHiker and other STNC products, see

About STNC Ltd. (

STNC brings information to people on the move, through the design and implementation of compact and efficient software suitable for use in mobile consumer products with limited ROM, RAM and processor power, such as cellular phones, communicators and palmtop computers.

STNC's HitchHiker smartphone platform provides any data-enabled cellular handset with the ability to access value-added services and information, delivered using the industry standard protocols of HTTP and HTML. It provides all the software needed to enable a handset to access information services and email, in less than 350KB. STNC can also provide customised technology solutions for accessing value-added services, the internet and email from a wide range of consumer devices.

Products incorporating STNC software include the Philips Illium Accent smartphone, the Psion Series 5 and Series 3 palmtop computers, Brother's GeoBook personal notebook and TTPCom's WebWalker reference design.

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