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Key Features
Vehicle Tuning
Stages Included
System Requirements
Silver Lightning Software presents the most realistic simulation of rally racing yet.  
Using the latest in 3D techniques, Rally Challenge puts you in the drivers seat.   
Product Description  
 RALLY CHALLENGE brings the excitement of rally car racing to your PC. Experience high speed thrills as you throw a top performance turbo charged racing vehicle around treacherous stages. Including original stages from Sweden, Indonesia, Australia, France and more. 
Features 4 leading high profile cars including Subaru Impreza WRX, Toyota Celica GT4 and now the Proton 'Wira', realistic physics and fast action to create the most stunning simulation of rallying ever seen in a computer game.    

 Race against the clock, phantom racer or another player via serial link, modem or network. Drive from inside your car, or view externally with one of our breathe taking dynamic rally cameras. Support is provided for keyboard, joystick, gamepads, and steering wheels. So take the challenge. Jump in the drivers seat for the ride of your life. If you dare.... 

Key Features   
  • Endorsed by 555 Subaru World Rally Team
  • Endorsed by Toyota Team Europe
  • Endorsed by Proton Petronas Eon Racing Team
  • Exciting new stages from 9 different countries, including snow, bitumen and gravel stages
  • Real-time generated 3D world - select your own viewing angle & position
  • In car and external dynamic camera views
  • Realistic physics developed in conjunction with Rally Australia veteran Keith Hedgeland of Spike Motorsport
  • Choose from 3 leading high performance vehicles

  • Customisable multi-lingual navigator pace notes
Tuning Options  
  • Tuning Vehicle (Before Race):
  • Brake Bias
  • Turbo Boost
  • Tyre Compound
  • Shock absorbers
  • Fuel level
  • Tuning Vehicle (In Race):
  • Brake Bias
    Stages Include  
    • Australia
      • Slippery ball bearing gravel, in open gum trees
    • New Zealand
      • High speed twists through a valley on open gravel
    • Sweden
      • Snow and ice through forest
    • Great Britain
      • Black mud through pines
    • France
      • Tight twists on bitumen
    • Indonesia
      • Slippery clay under plantation rubber trees
    • Greece
      • Rough and rocky terrain
    • Italy
      • Light gravel stage
    • USA
      • Tight desert stage, inside a canyon
    • Developed by:
      • Silver Lightning Software
    • Format:
      • PC CD-ROM
    • Category:
      • Racing Game
    • No. Players:
      • 2
    • Rating:
      • G
    System Requirements  
    • Minimum System
      • 100% IBM Compatible 486 DX4-100
      • 2 x CD-ROM
      • 8 MB RAM
    • Recommended System:
      • Pentium based machine.
      • 2 x CD-ROM
      • 16 MB RAM
    • Graphics:
      • VGA 256 colours or SVGA 256 colours (1MB Graphics card)
    • Sound:
      • All cards supported by Windows 95.
    • Operating System:
      • Windows 95
    • Machine vs Video Modes:
      • VGA Mode : 486 DX4-100

      • SVGA Mode : Pentium 90
    Rally Challenge Endorsements :
    555 Subaru World Rally Team
    Toyota Team Europe
    Proton - Petronas Eon Racing Team
    © Copyright Silver Lightning Software Pty Ltd 1997. All rights reserved.