Portrait of Sir George King Sir George King
A Western Master of Yoga for the Aquarian Age


His Eminence Sir George King was born in Shropshire, England, on January 23rd, 1919. Very early in life his deep Spiritual interests found expression in orthodox Christianity. But it was only a matter of time before he became convinced that there was more to life than that shown to the orthodox. While still very young, he began to study psychic phenomena. This research was characterized by the intense determination and drive which has become so familiar to all who know him. It quickly carried him deep beneath the fascinating superficial strata to the causes of this phenomena, which he began to clearly understand.

Through the exacting use of discrimination and detachment, the passing years brought Sir George such familiarity with paranormal phenomena that it became virtually impossible for him to be deceived or misled by them. He began to demonstrate his psychic abilities which , by now, had become acutely developed.

Dissatisfied, Sir George believed that there was yet more to be wrested from the complicated and engrossing field of applied Metaphysics. He began to practice Yoga. Again his concentrated, driving effort quickly led him deep beneath the surface levels into the secrets of this true science. Here he had found a path to even deeper knowledge. Sir George practiced this ancient science for eight to twelve hours a day, even while maintaining his outside profession. Increased awareness and ability came. He arrived at a stage where his mastery of terrestrial phenomenon and of his mind made him a Knower.

It was only natural to Sir George to use his greater awareness and powers to help suffering mankind. He became deeply engrossed in Spiritual Healing. Research on the higher planes, with the assistance of the intelligences there, was only one of his methods. His deep compassion for the world and his efforts to help mankind through Spiritual Healing led him through a series of advanced Initiations. Unsuspectingly he was ready for another great step forward.


In May, 1954 his life was changed suddenly. On a sunny Saturday morning, while alone in his apartment, a loud and clear physical voice delivered to Sir George the Command: "Prepare yourself! You are to become the voice of Interplanetary Parliament."

He was shocked by the implication of the statement. There were no explanations. However, it seemed certain that he would have to leave his current line of research into a potent form of radionic healing. Sir George spent many sleepless nights, consulted with advanced Guides from the higher realms, as well as reaching within to try and fathom the implications of this Command. Thankfully, the following Sunday, Sir George was visited in his own home by a world renowned Master, whom he knew to be alive and active in India at the time. Although the contact was in every way physical, the Master entered and left through a locked door which he did not open. During the meeting, Sir George was given further information about the "Command" and instructions as to what his next steps would be. Through a series of highly specialized exercises, especially devised for the purpose, he quickly learned to bring about that elevated state of consciousness which is absolutely necessary to the establishment of mental rapport with the Beings Who inhabit the other Planets. He mastered the science of Raja, Gnani and Kundalini Yoga until he could consciously attain the state of Samadhi. It was then that the Cosmic Masters of the Solar System began using Sir George King as Primary Terrestrial Mental Channel.

In the following years Sir George abandoned all business interests and materialistic ambitions as the information from the Space Intelligences grew in importance, and urgency. On Their direction he founded an international Metaphysical order called, The Aetherius Society. He began publishing a regular magazine called, "Cosmic Voice", lectured widely throughout England and continued to serve frequently as the mental channel for numerous Transmissions from the advanced Cosmic Intelligences while in deep Samadhic trance, often before hundreds of people.

It was not long before public interest caused him to become the first person ever to demonstrate Yogic Samadhi over television, under the glaring lights of the British Broadcasting Corporation, so that a Cosmic Master from another Planet could actually speak to Britain! This unique and historic event occurred on May 21, 1959 and was broadcast to an estimated viewing audience of several million. This program proved so popular that it has been re-broadcast again and again through the ensuing years.


Quite suddenly and almost simultaneously, two great Missions were handed to Sir George King in July of 1958. He was given the tremendous responsibility of serving as the mental channel through whom the Venusian we know as the Master Jesus delivered The Twelve Blessings, an extension of that Great Being's Sermon on the Mount to include a Cosmic concept. At the same time he began the titanic job of performing Operation Starlight, which the Masters have called: "The most important single metaphysical task ever undertaken upon Earth in this, Her present life." In each Phase of Operation Starlight, Sir George King climbed a mountain chosen by the Cosmic Masters. Once at the chosen spot, the Cosmic Masters sent an initial charge of Spiritual Energy through him into the mountain. The Masters completed the Charge, making the mountain a Holy place where others could climb and tap into this Spiritual Energy and send it out to the World for Peace and upliftment.


Acting upon direct instructions from Cosmic Authority, Sir George King came to the United States in 1959. During the next three years he traveled and lectured extensively through America, Australia and Europe, performing phases of "Operation Starlight" as directed into 18 mountains throughout the world.

Throughout the 1960s and 70s, Sir George King continued to act as Primary Terrestrial Mental Channel, recording over 600 Cosmic Transmissions from the Space Masters. Taken together, this collection of Transmissions constitutes a priceless metaphysical library, with a range and depth of Teachings without equal in the annals of occult Truth.

The unique nature and clarity of the Teachings caused The Aetherius Society to grow into an international organization, as people around the world found the answers and the Truths they had been unable to find anywhere else.


Sir George King's next major task on Earth was in devising methods by which mankind could cooperate with the Cosmic Masters in manipulating Spiritual Energy for the benefit of all life upon Earth. To accomplish this effectively and efficiently, Sir George invented several potent radionic machines, designed to receive, store and transmit Spiritual and Cosmic Energy.

One of the first Missions to use this highly specialized equipment was called Operation Bluewater, performed in 1963/64. This Mission transmitted tremendous Spiritual Energy into a Psychic Center of the Mother Earth off the coast of California. This was necessary at the time to correct a warp in the existing magnetic fields in the area caused by the wrong thought and action of mankind throughout the centuries. One effect of this Mission was the prevention, for a period of time, of a major earthquake along this fault system.

Another Mission, OPERATION SUNBEAM was designed and performed with even more sophisticated radionic equipment built by trained Aetherius Society Staff Members. This Mission enables Spiritual Energy to be sent back to the Mother Earth as a token repayment from mankind to this great Being Who has supported him throughout the ages.

In 1973 OPERATION PRAYER POWER was inaugurated, making it possible for the first time in this modern age, for Prayer Energy to be contained and later directed, in a concentrated manner, to help any part of the world hit by a natural or man-made catastrophe.

These Missions and others took the main focus of attention of both Sir George and The Aetherius Society for the next 25 years. They were and are essential for our world and have helped tremendously over the years as a brief review of modern history, from the time of the Contact in May 1954 to present, will uncover. The urgency and seriousness of these Missions and messages from the Cosmic Masters, have made it difficult to properly publicize Sir George's work. Nevertheless acclaim has found him.


Those who have been drawn to The Aetherius Society have recognized the outstanding abilities of Sir George King, appreciating that beyond doubt they have found a true Yogi Master for the Aquarian Age. But they are not alone in perceiving the greatness of this individual. Many honors have been bestowed upon him from a variety of sources.

In 1978, Sir George projected to the mystical Temple of Shamballa for a meeting with Members of The Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth, also known as The Great White Brotherhood. There he was initiated as a Grand Knight Templar of the Inner Sanctum of the Holy Order of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth by the Lord Buddha. This great honor was bestowed upon Sir George for the service given to mankind in his role as Primary Terrestrial Mental Channel and for his design and performance of numerous world Missions.

In the years following, he received outstanding honors, spiritual and temporal, on this plane of Earth. As well as knighthoods in many excellent Orders of Chivalry, he was raised to the nobility by H.I. & R.H. Prince Henri III Paleologue, the legal Head of the House of Paleologue of Byzantium, who crowned him first as the "Count de Florina" and later as the "Prince de Santorini." Sir George was anointed and consecrated as a Bishop and created an Archbishop with release to found his own Church, becoming thereby Metropolitan Archbishop of The Aetherius Churches.

In 1981, he received the international "Prize of Peace and Justice" from H.H. Prince Pensavalle, President of the International Union of Christian Chivalry." In 1991, he was presented Letters Patent of Armorial Bearings also known as a Grant of Arms, by Bluemantle Pursuivant, a Herald of Her Majesty's College of Arms in England.


Indeed is the legacy created and built by Sir George a massive and almost unbelievable one. He is truly an inspiration to all on Earth, most especially to those interested in working to bring in The New Age on Earth. For Sir George has shown us the Way for these modern days. That of single-minded determination and hard work. By living amongst the many, contacting the Spark of God within and then returning to teach, heal and uplift mankind in all ways possible.

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The Aetherius Society
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