LEGAL's Efforts in the Legislature

LEGAL keeps an eye on our state government's actions during every legislative session. We fight legislation that could be detrimental to our community and educate your legislators regarding lesbian and gay issues. On issues of importance to our community we ensure that you are told how you can make a difference.

LEGAL provides the only full-time lobbyist on gay and lesbian issues at the state capitol. Whenever legislation of importance to our community is scheduled for hearing in committee, LEGAL's lobbyist ensures that our comunity has a team of individuals onhand to to testify as to the effects (pro or con) that the bill in question would have on us. We lobby legislators to vote for legislation which protects our rights and our freedoms, while urging them to vote against bills harmful to our community.

In addition to this summary of our efforts (below), you can get more information on the legislative process by visiting the web site sponsored by The Louisiana Legislature.

LEGAL's first lobbying efforts took place during the Third Extraordinary Session of the Legislature in 1994.

The 1995 Legislative Session

The 1996 Legislative Session

The 1997 Legislative Session

LEGAL has a statewide network of individuals interested in working for ensuring the constitutional rights of Louisiana's lesbians and gay men. If you'd like to get involved with this program please contact the appropriate area coordinator.

If you would like to track legislation that is important to the lesbian and gay community, click here.