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Hail the seal of Daventry

Welcome to the King's Quest page. I have many things to help you on your quest. I have solutions and reviews of the KQ series. There should also be news on upcoming Kq games such as the continuement of the series,King's Quest 8: The Mask of Eternity. As you know the King's quest games are a 3-D adventure series from Sierra On-Line, about a certain royal family in Daventry, who have long adventures and journeys in mystical lands to accomplish some goal. The family consists of King Graham, the king of their Kingdom, Daventry. Valenice his queen and wife. Along with their twin children, Alexander and Rosella. the game basically lets you explore worlds finding items and interacting with characters, who try to help you accomplish your quest. The games have many puzzles and certain actions you must perform to move farther into the game. Be wary you can also die in the King's Quest games,for there are many foes to deal with. This is why you must save your game often or you must start again. I'm glad to say I have beat almost all of these challenging games, and I hope you soon can too.

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Only need a hint or just help with a certain part of the game. Contact me at my E-mail addess and I'll try to help.
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