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Special Announcement 1/21/99

Greetings from Her Majesty's Entertainment/Visions! The surveys are in and you like what we do and you want more. The surveys also reveal that most of you have a medium to high level of awareness of what HME/Visions is all about. Thank you for all your compliments, all your suggestions and all your constructive criticisms. People often ask us (especially the celebrities), how do we run such an organized, wonderful convention? Our answer is; we are fan run, all volunteers, who want to be doing what we are doing. It sure shows. Thanks to all the many, many volunteers who spend so much time helping us . We could not accomplish a thing without you. You pay to get in and then you get to attend very little. To the Committee, Sr. Lieutenants, Lieutenants, Gophers, Security, Escorts, Sponsors, Setter Uppers, Tear Downers, and on and on , we hope you can feel our appreciation for all that you do.

We have an announcement to make. There were rumors that Visions'99 would be our last con. Well, it won't be, because we are sorry to say that Visions'98 was our last con. There now we've said it and that was hard to do. We are not going away though. We are just going to take a hiatus, probably for a year, maybe less. We will keep you informed. We will still be here at this address so visit often and give us lots of feedback. We are loaded with ideas. We will be scaled down to a much smaller con, along those lines, we have already been informed by Jackie and James that they are retiring the Art Show. Thank you Jackie and James, your show was excellent, as well as your idea to have "Guest Artists". We have been lucky and have had some very good Art Rooms, Cherry, Nancy and Linda come to mind and I can't remember the lady who literally ran it on the spot in '95. Jackie and James will still be available, just doing different assignments. We already were retiring the Fan Dealer Room. Thanks to all the people who helped set it up and run it for us over the past nine years. You'll never know how much you were respected and appreciated.

Those of you who have pre-registered your money will be returned. We are sorry for any inconvenience. To all you pre-registered folks, thanks for registering early. Having that money early got us over many hurdles. We appreciate your trusting us to put on a good show. Most of you didn't care who we brought in, because you were coming to see each other and just have a good time. That makes a warm feeling come over us. We do want you all to have faith that we will be back. In the meantime, we need lots and lots of encouragement, feed back and ideas. We look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Lost And Found Visions'98 To claim your lost object all you have to do is e-mail and describe it These items will be kept for (1) year and then they will be given to Lambs Farm to be sold in their resale shop.

01. Action Figure Doll 02. Pair of glasses in the case
03. (2) Babylon 5 Comic Books 04. Personalized autographed picture of Louise Jameson
05. Necklace 06. Pendant
07. Ring 08. CTA transit card
9. Cord 10. Case
11. (2) Paper back books 12. Pictures and autograph book in a large bag with first name on it

12/9/98 Mail order supporting memberships, T-shirts, and all refunds have been mailed; please remember to return your enclosed verification card.

There are at least two other science fiction conventions using our name, or a name confusingly close to ours. The only convention we do, is Visions in Chicago, on Thanksgiving weekend. We have recently added "HME/" (which stands for Her Majesty's Entertainment) to the name Visions, to help distinguish us from them, but even so, it is easy to get confused. Please be aware that these other conventions are in no way related to us.

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