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Primacron's Transformers Homepage

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Welcome to my Transformers homepage. "The Transformers" was a cartoon series which aired for 5 seasons during the 1980s. The characters were giant-sized robots who had the ability to transform into seemingly innocent objects like cars and planes to fool their enemies.

The conflict that took place during the series was between 2 main groups, the Autobots, who were basically the good guys, and only wanted to exist in peace, and the Decepticons, who were the bad guys which wanted to conquer as much of the known universe as they could.

The Transformers was one of the most popular sci-fi cartoon shows of the 1980's, as it aired for several seasons, had an impressive toy line, and was even made into a movie, (it came out after the third season) in which the animation quality rivals that of Japineese animation!


In one of the post movie episodes of the Transformers, "Call of the Primitives", there was featured an alien scientist by the name of Primacron who is an intelligent scientist but is physically weak by transformer standards.

During that episode, it is explained that Primacron is a super-genious. He is capable of conceiving plans that are incredibly complex, as he was the one who created the planet eating world Unicron, who was in Transformers: The Movie. However, his drawback is that he can overlook the simplest things.

This reminds me of, well...ME! People always told me that I had a "knack for the obvious". Keeping that in mind, when I first got into BBSing back in the Summer of 1993 and was asked to pick a handle, this was what came to mind and it has stuck with me ever since. :-)

And now, a few pictures of Primacron, for your downloading pleasure:

My thanks goes to Doug Vander Hoek who provided me with these pictures.

Primacron's tech specs

Well, I finally got around to making up tech specs for the character Primacron from the cartoon series...

Code Name: Primacron
Allegiance: NONE
Function: Scientist
Quote: "Muscles are strong.  The mind is stronger!"

Character Profile: Primacron is a scientist and the only member of his
species in the known universe after his home planet was destroyed by
Unicron.  Extremely intelligent and self-taught in many specialized fields
such as bio/mechanical engineering, artifical intelligence, and genetics,
but can overlook the simplest things.

He is proud of his work, but this pride drives his ambitions far beyond
what most others would consider safe.  Created the planet-eating
monstrocity "Unicron", which was followed by an energy draining being
known as "Tornitron", both of whom did consderable damage to both human and
transformer settlements before being destroyed.  As a result of this,
Primacron is considered mentally unstable and both Autobot and Decepticon
factions have agreed to have him confined to the Web World indefinitely for
psycholigical treatment.

Strength: 2	Intelligence: 10	Speed: 6	Endurance: 4
Rank: n/a   	Courage: 7		Firepower: 1	Skill: 8

Fanfiction, for those of you who have never heard of it, is stories that have been written involving characters of another story, whether it be a TV series like the Transformers, a book series like Dragonlance, or even a move, that has been written by the fans of the original story. The authors of fanfiction usually do it just for the joy of writing, and don't get any compensation for it.

Most of the fanfics I have collected are from other TF webpages and from the newsgroup However, what makes my selection of fanfics availible different from any other that exists on the net is that I have spent some extra time converting the stories from plaintext into HTML, so that you can easily view them with your web browser instead of having to save them to a file, unzipping the file, and reading the story.

If you have written any fanfiction and would like me to convert it to HTML and place it on my website, feel free to send it to me via e-mail and I'll be happy to convert it and add it.

I would also like to take this chance to thank Suzanne M. Ferree who has served as my liason of sorts to the TF community and provided valuable information, such as updated e-mail addresses of the authors, which I would have never gotten on my own.

Assimilation by Lizard
The Transformers versus the BORG!
Bloodlines by Jason R. Ligon
The Sequel to Meltdown, Daniel muses over whether he wants to stay human or become a Transformer.
Cause of Madness by Robert A. Jung
The real cause of Galvatron's Madness
Coming Clean by Jiminy Christmas
Thundercracker begins to question his loyalty to the Decepticons and his purpose in life.
Ego Test by Emily Stewart
Sky Lynx, who has always had a big ego, is suddenly faced with a situation where he must worry about the fate of a Decepticon.
The Fallen Star by Robert A. Jung
Sometimes the war affects more than just the Autobots and Decepticons. Sometimes, innocent bystanders get tragically caught in the cross-fire...
Flameout by Jason R. Ligon
The Sequel to bloodlines, the Autobots search Ciudad Del Fuego for Ravage after he escapes from confinement.
Future Imperfect Cybertron Dreams by Benjamin D. Hutchins
The Insecticons: #1 - #6 by Harith Jameel Alkhafiz
The origin of the Insecticon faction of Decepticons
Meltdown by Jason R. Ligon
After crashing in the South American jungle, several Autobots must fight their way through it to safety.
Mistaken Identities by Robert A. Jung
A story about a group of neutral transformers who are accidentally mistaken for Autobots
Nightbird: The Aftermath by Raksha
The events the follow the pre-movie episode featuring Nightbird
Prometheus by Robert A. Jung
A human tries to obtain Transformer technology and gets more than he bargained for
Psychological Dependence by Raksha
Written from Galvatron's point of view, this story discusses some of the conflicts between him and his troops
Public Relations by Robery A. Jung
Autobots are no different from any other minority in that they have stereotypes spread about them as well and must work to dispel them.
Sabotaged Identity by Raksha
A story about Soundwave's children and trying to find one's own identity
The Sale of the 24th Century by Lizard
A Transformers / Deep Space 9 crossover.
Stunticons: Black Sunshine #1 by Harith Jameel Alkhafiz
The Stunticons doing what they like best, barreling down the highway wrecking cars and blasting speed metal!
Sun Weaver by Robert A. Jung
An excellent tale about an Autobot discovering that the true beauty of things lies within. If you happen to be a furry, reading this story is highly recommended!
Transformers versus Aliens by D.A. James
A Transformers / Aliens crossover
Warbirds by Robert A. Jung Another story about humans who seem to have aqcuired transformer technology
A War Story by Robert A. Jung
A few of the elder autobots tell some of the younger ones about their experiences of days past.
Where Angels Fear to Tread by Robert A. Jung
A story that goes into details about the junkions, very funny!
Other TF text files and spinoffs

This section contains other Transformers related text files and spinoffs of the Transformers. Some of them (such as the Cunticons), are a bit adult in nature.

A chronology of the transformers by Technoknight
The Cunticons
Some uh, different TFs by Alan J. Laser
Book of the dead
A listing of the various Transformers who died as well as the cause of death
The female perspective, Part 2
An interesting essay one why one person considers both Optimus Prime and Megatron to be sexy!
Lyrics the songs from Transformers: The Movie
The Transformers purity test!
See how obsessed you are with the Transformers...
TV Guide, Cybertron Edition
If Transformers had television shows...
T'was the Night Before Christmas, TF style by The Weeter
Where can I get Transformers: The Movie?

Transformers: The Movie can be ordered on-line from Videoflicks. It's in VHS format with NTSC encoding and sells for $18.99.

If you haven't seen the movie, I highly recommend doing so, as it's like the TV episodes pumped up on steroids! First, several characters, including Optimus Prime, die, some of which do so in very graphic ways! Second, the plot for the movie is outstanding, many new heros and villians are introduced, and just about every different kind of Transformer, from casettes, to triple changers, to the junkions, are shown throughout the movie. Third, there are some major voice talents in the movie such as Leonard Nimoy, John Moschita (the guy from the Micro Machines commercials), Robert Stack (the guy who hosts Unsolved Mysteries), Orson Welles, and Eric Idle (from Monty Python's Flying Circus). Fourth, the soundtrack is killer, with heavy metal music from Stan Bush (and others) and techno music from Vince DiCola, who also composed some of the music for Rocky IV.

Do yourself a favor, and get the movie, even if you've never heard of the Transformers before, it'll be the best 19 bucks you ever spent.

Other TF homepages

For those of you who are interested in the Transformers or would like to learn more about them, here are links to a few of sites to check out. Besides fanfiction, you can find sound files from the series and the movie, and GIF/JPEG files from the series and movie.

If you know of a TF homepage that's not listed on here, feel free to send me the URL and I'll add it.

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