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Millennium G200
PC Computing
September 1998

Millennium G200


Features & Benefits
Advanced Graphics Technology
High Quality 3D
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The award-winning Matrox Millennium G200 series introduces a new standard in graphics acceleration. Whether you're a corporate power user, a 2D/3D designer, or a PC enthusiast, this series of graphics cards deliver uncompromising 2D, 3D and video with true color image quality that will take your breath away. Now available as either the Millennium G200 (8MB SGRAM, AGP2X), the Millennium G200 SD (8MB SDRAM, PCI*), or the Millennium G200 SD (16MB SDRAM, AGP2X).

pcmag_edchoice.gif (1662 bytes)"For 2D business use, 2D performance, high-resolution support and stability all rank above pure 3D speed in the wish-list hierarchy...The Matrox Millennium G200 is aimed at business users who want high-resolution support, solid performance and upgradability at a good price."

Featuring the new MGA-G200 128-bit DualBus graphics chip, the Millennium G200 series exceeds Matrox's previous record in leading 2D performance and brings new levels of 3D and DVD video playback. The chip also features our new Vibrant Color Quality 3D rendering engine for superior image quality and 3D rendering precision. 
Click here to see for yourself the difference VCQ rendering can make.

Matrox also provides the widest range of multimedia upgrades in the industry including the unique capability to add hardware MJPEG video editing and digital Flat Panel support.  This superior blend of quality, performance and reliability is the reason why companies like Compaq and Hewlett Packard have chosen the Millennium G200 series to power their new Pentium II-class systems.

*PCI version available in November 1998.

Millennium G200 Box & Board"The board's (Millennium G200) price, speed, and 3D quality - plus Matrox's reputation for solid, reliable products - make it a smart choice."  PC World, October 1998


Key features:

New MGA G200 128-bit DualBus graphics chip
High performance video card with full AGP 2X support featuring Symmetrical Rendering Architecture or PCI support.
Advanced 2D, 3D and software DVD video acceleration (Software DVD player not included)
Vibrant Color Quality 3D rendering engine
8 MB of graphics memory upgradeable to 16 MB
High speed 250 MHz RAMDAC with ultra sharp image quality
Support for high resolutions and colors
The most comprehensive family of multimedia upgrades
Includes five free software titles: Picture Publisher, Simply 3D, Netscape Communicator, PointCast Client, Imagination Software, and Motorhead (Millennium G200 SD only).

Features & Benefits

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