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Parenting | Abortion | Adoption


Parenting can be a pretty overwhelming thought when you first discover you are pregnant.  Oftentimes, it is easy to see where you lack support, finances, and experience.  However, there are many social service organizations, government and private, which can stand in the gap in many of these areas.  Listed below are 10 ways in which these resources can help you make it through:

Potential Help to Make it Through

  • Donated or low-cost obstetric care
  • Housing during and after pregnancy
  • Experienced mother/new mother mentoring
  • Ongoing counseling and peer support
  • Parenting and birthing classes
  • Job training and placement
  • Maternity clothes and baby items
  • Assistance accessing public benefits
  • Training in handling finances/budgeting
  • Monetary aid with bills, groceries, etc.
  • Legal assistance

At the Helpline, we know the act of parenting is not an easy answer to your difficult situation. However, talking with a counselor about the resources you have available, and the services already in your community, might give you a better idea of how this pregnancy option might work for you.   Pick up the phone and call 1-888-4-OPTIONS.



If you have just learned you are pregnant, odds are you have a few weeks to examine all your options.  And, when it comes to abortion, there are many issues to consider when making a decision.  Take your time to learn all you can, and take a few moments to answer the following questions:

Questions to Ask Yourself
(check the box that best describes your feelings)



Do I have the money for an abortion?

Am I knowledgeable of the different abortion procedures available?

Am I aware of my state's laws regarding parental consent, waiting periods, and qualifications for abortion providers?

Am I prepared to handle the long-term physical and emotional effects of abortion?

Would I change my decision about abortion if I had_________ (support, housing, the father present, my parents)?

Is anyone pressuring me to choose abortion?

Am I prepared for how an abortion could affect my relationship with my boyfriend/husband?

In the past, have I looked down on women who have had abortions?

Would getting an abortion contradict my religious or moral beliefs?

[Excerpts taken from "What If I'm Pregnant?"
Planned Parenthood Brochure, 19931925 6/93-75 7.31.22]

Talking over this checklist and considering the physical and emotional aspects of abortion is a healthy first step.  Since every person's circumstances are unique, the very best way to empower yourself, and to avoid regret, is to fully explore this decision with a counselor.  Call 1-888-4-OPTIONS.



Adoption...the very word often gets a negative reaction.  In reality, adoption is a much more positive experience compared to its presentation in made-for-TV movies.  Take a look at some of the very important benefits adoption can offer you:

Some Benefits of Adoption
  • Housing assistance
  • Counseling and support
  • The opportunity to fulfill your dreams before you become a parent - educational goals, traveling, a better career
  • The kind of family and future you desire for your child
  • Pre-natal and delivery expenses paid
  • A better choice of excellent medical doctors and staff
  • You choose an adoptive family for your child and get to know them personally
  • You are informed of your legal rights to your child and given a full explanation of what to expect before you make any final decision
  • All legal expenses and attorney fees paid for you
  • The opportunity to explain the choice you made to your child
If you are considering placing your child for adoption, and want an intimate and honest account of the struggles and joys of this option, read over the true-life story of Helpline founders Mike and Annie Sheaffer.  Click on this title, The Ultimate Gift, to learn more about the important role you could play in the lives of so many people.

Odds are, the lack of some of the items listed above are exactly why you are questioning whether or not to continue your pregnancy. Before you choose a path, take a few minutes to find out all you can about all your options.  Call a Helpline counselor at 1-888-4-OPTIONS to talk over the very practical positives of this pregnancy option.



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