The Last Eichhof

Where it all started ... The Last Eichhof was the very first game released by Alpha Helix. Be a hero, fight big beer companies and preserve the beer diversity of microbreweries. Warning: Alpha Helix will not be liable for anyone who gets addicted to this fine game ....

Ravage (the universe depends on you !!)

Fly through endless levels, shoot up everything that moves, be a hero and save your fiance from a dumb ass guy who wants to rule the world! It's up to you to save mankind from evil in the latest release from Alpha Helix called Ravage.You'll find a shareware version (including 2 levels), screenshots and order information.

About Alpha Helix

Who are these guys? How do they look like? What are they doing all day ??
What is their ultimate experience ??
Find answers to all these questions on the "We like beer page".

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