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Mahatma Gandhi During his early years as an attorney in South Africa, M.K.Gandhi, a Hindu, was deeply moved by the teachings of Jesus, Thoreau, Tolstoy, and Ruskin. "The Sermon on the Mount," says Gandhi, "went straight to my heart." Determined to reduce 'principles into practice,' Gandhi created Satyagraha: a plan of action (a) for the development of our inner lives and (b) for the transformation of society. Gandhi developed and refined his 'truth force' or 'soul force' principles while leading justice movements in South Africa (1893-1915) and India (1915-1948).

Martin Luther King, Jr. While a student at Crozer Theological Seminary, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. discovered Gandhi's 'soul force' rules and used them to shape his own nonviolent civil rights movement in America (1955-1968). "While the Montgomery boycott was going on," King writes, "India's Gandhi was the guiding light of our technique of nonviolent social changeā€¦Nonviolent resistance had emerged as the technique of the movement, while love stood as the regulating ideal. In other words, Jesus furnished us the spirit and motivation, while Gandhi furnished the method."

For a long time I've dreamed of creating a creative and powerful website dedicated to teaching the Soulforce principles of relentless nonviolent resistance as practiced by Gandhi and King. For the past three years, my partner, Gary Nixon, and I, have studied the "soul force" rules in the writings of their founders, with trainers who actually worked with Gandhi in India and with King in the US, in libraries and archives from Atlanta to New Delhi. Now, we are working to create an entirely new Soulforce site that will take you on your own journey into "soul force." If you would like to be notified when Soulforce premieres, send us your email address. Stay tuned, early in February, 1999, (if not sooner) we will be up and running.

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