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Shogo Weapons
Kawamori A74 Kawamori A74
Kawamori A74 The A74 handgun is known for reliability and simplicity. The Kawamori 10mm AP round is product improved for increased feed reliability and provides adequate penetration against soft-armored targets.

Ammunition: 10mm AP cartridge
Feed: 10 round detachable box magazine
Weight: 1.13kg
Length: 216mm
Used by: Human

Vollmer GA-14 Vollmer GA-14
Vollmer GA-14 Fires an improved 12-gauge cartridge to provide high hit probability at relatively short ranges. It was originally developed for situations in which a small group must defend against a much larger assault force.

Ammunition: 12-gauge cartridge
Feed: seven-round tubular magazine
Weight: 4.2kg
Length: 930mm - stock extended; 710mm - stock folded
Used by: Human

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