The Control Denied Story

At the helm of Death, Chuck Schuldiner had abandoned the band in favor of a completely new band called Control Denied. Control Denied sounded somewhat like an extension of Death; it had similarly technical guitar rhythms, however it used non-death vocals and more melodies.

Photo of Control Denied

Rumor is that Chuck's idea stemed from a fascination with matching Death material with a singer such as Warrel Dane (Nevermore). In fact, Chuck supposedly even asked Warrel to participate in the project. When he declined, Chuck filled in for the singing on the first demo. Eventually, Control Denied teamed up with singer Tim Aymar from Psycho Scream. Seen to the right, Control Denied, in it's final form, consisted of (clockwise from bottom left) Chuck Schuldiner(Guitar), Chris Williams(Drums), Shannon Hamm(Guitar), Tim Aymar(Vocals), and Scott Clendenin(Bass). Scott & Chris are from Talonzfury and Shannon's from Metalstorm. After a few years with the project, Chuck Schuldiner decided to scrap the project in June 1997 and return to Death. The decision was based on lack of label interest in Control Denied and the considerable following for Death that still exists even though the band had broken up. Thus, Control Denied has been put on indefinate hold. Some of the songs have been incorporated into new Death material, and others stand the chance of being released under the side project's name sometime after the next Death CD is released.

Death's new line-up is derived from the Control Denied lineup, although Chris Williams and Tim Aymar are not in the new line-up. The drummer position has been filled by Richard Christy of Burning Inside & Acheron, and Steve DiGiorgio returns to the lineup to play bass. In the meantime, Death is working on new material, described as sick and brutal as ever, in the vein of Symbolic.

Jeff Brubaker -