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Family Tree Maker Version 4.0b Update

The update to Family Tree Maker 4.0 and 4.0a is now available! We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience or difficulty that you may have experienced with your copy of Family Tree Maker 4.0 or 4.0a. We've set a high quality standard for ourselves over the eight years we've been developing the program, and we do extensive testing before every release of Family Tree Maker. As with all software programs, occasionally we discover a problem in the current version. We evaluate the gravity of the problem, and if the problem is very serious (for example, if it will damage your data, or if a feature is not working the way it was designed), we investigate and fix the error. The update release is then slip-streamed into production. You can get this update either by downloading it here or by calling us for replacement CDs. We hope that this will maintain your confidence, both in the quality of our software, and in Broderbund Software as a company that takes care of its customers.

Things to note before updating:

To download the update:

  1. Decide which version of the Family Tree Maker Version 4.0b Update to download. We offer both a Windows 3.1 version and a version for those using Windows 95.
  2. Click the appropriate link below to begin downloading the Family Tree Maker Version 4.0b Update.
  3. Note the download location so that you can run the update software once the download is complete.

We have also provided detailed updating instructions for those who need them as well as troubleshooting tips for the update software. And, a complete list of corrected problems is available if you have questions about what we changed.

Download the Windows 3.1 version now
Download the Windows 95 version now

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