Blast your way through the front gate of a secret underground military installation. Battle it out with enemy guards as you descend deeper and deeper into the subterrainean complex, acquiring an impressive arsenal of weapons and equipment along the way. You must find a computer disk that contains vital information about the toxic chemicals that are being produced inside this facility. Through wave after wave of enemy reinforcements, you make your way back up to the surface and search for the rescue helicopter which is waiting to carry you, and the disk, to safety... before time runs out. The fate of the entire world is in your hands!



486 PC or better

MS-DOS version 5.0 or later

4 Megabytes of RAM

5 Megabytes of available disk space

Mouse / Joystick (Optional)

Soundcard (Optional)



Scenes from the game Chemical Warfare



Review by Eric Brandel for MeccaWorld

Chemical Warfare Screenshot Chemical Warfare 3-D harkens back to the day when Wolfenstein was still in its prime and Doom was still on the horizon. Games were rated on how much fun they provided to the user and not just on whether or not they were on the cutting edge technology wise. Chemical Warfare isn't cutting edge, the author of the game admits this, but it is really fun to play. Battle your way through 7 levels with 7 different weapons: the Karate kick, the Slime Gun, the Grenade toss, the Machine gun, the Gas Grenade toss, the Rocket Launcher, and the Shotgun. This game features a bunch of nice music, cool sounds, and some really nice graphics all created by one guy*.


Mecca Rating: 7.6 out of 10


*Chemical Warfare was created with the "3-D Game Creation System" (DOS version) from Pie In The Sky Software.



Click here to download Chemical Warfare (2.8 Megs)


To unzip the file chemwar.exe :

   Chemwar.exe is a self-extracting file. Double click on the file in Windows File Manager (Win3.1) or Windows Explorer (Win95/98), -OR- Run chemwar.exe from the MS-DOS prompt.

To run the game:

   Type CW at the DOS prompt. Do not attempt to run the game from Windows (restart in MS-DOS mode if necessary).

This game was created by Drew Costigan, ©1996.


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