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The award winning is New England's leading online news, information and entertainment resource. is the online brand that consumers know and trust in Boston and New England, and is the ideal environment for online advertising and promotions.

Anchored by the online version of the region's largest daily newspaper - The Boston Globe - and with additional content from over 50 content providers - has the proven ability to draw traffic from Boston, New England, and the nation. served more than 23 million pages in October, and traffic spikes significantly when breaking news happens.

  • Source: Neilsen IPRO Audit

Local Information is Hot. is a hot commodity among the advertising community, because they know that businesses and consumers alike use local sources for news and information:

  • 60 % of Small Business Users online use local information
  • 53 % of Large Business Users online use local information
  • 51 % of All Adult Users online use local information
  • 67 % of "Online readers" frequently read newspapers on the Internet
    • 1997 American Internet User Survey

And they are ready to spend:

Local information users, like those on, are:

  • More than twice as likely to buy after clicking on an ad - 15 % versus 7 %
  • Nearly twice as likely to click in the first place - 46 % versus 25 %
  • And 50 % of local users go the Web to look for product information
    • 1997 American Internet User Survey

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