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The Money
and the Myths

Part II


The Bible tells of some who died and were brought back to life by miracles. Doug Fournier wanted that for his baby daughter. So he brought her body to the Brownsville Revival and asked for prayer, hoping revival leaders could bring his baby back to life.

Revival prays to raise an infant from the dead.

Couple's pastor says decision was very personal.

Missionary details how he has retunred the miracle of life.

Expectations of raising the dead unfair in modern times, critics charge.

Journey is legal with necessary paperwork.


Follow-up stories

SATURDAY, JUNE 27, 1998:

Dr. Michael Brown writes letter to editor and says house cost doesn't match appraisal


What the revival is doing as it enters its fourth year; how an obscure IRS rule allows nonprofits leeway unavailable to taxpayers.

New crusade keeps old flaws
IRS lax and loose in handling tax exemption rules
Minister seeking fellowship finds disappointment
The Tax Codes: What's a 501(c)3 and who can use it to bypass taxes?
Pastors' network grows, puts focus on tax exemptions
IRS policy allows churches, ministries lots of leeway

Tuesday JUNE 23, 1998:

How the leaders' corporations make money off the revival; continuing questions about nonprofit corporations' IRS reports.

Revival reaping big rewards
Hill persists with donation pleas
Kilpatrick's salary 84% of ministry spending
Financial Accountability: A Highly Sought Stamp Of Approval
ICN buys Alabama land; Brown building house valued at $727,360
Destiny takes Brownsville message to world
Audit shows church gave boost to Kilpatrick's ministry

Monday, June 22, 1998:

How the revival uses its offshoot ministry school to keep the revival booming; Michael Brown's career and rise to revival leadership.

Revival spawns revival school
Brown's credentials add luster
Enrollment grows 1,000% at revival school
Ministry school poised to buy Liberty campus
School Curriculum: Brownsville Revival School Of Ministry
Michael L. Brown Academic Resume
Small schools play a big role for Brown
Revival insiders feel their criticism led to backlash
Viewpoint: Brownsville's Michael Brown responds

Sunday, June 21, 1998:

What the devoted, the disillusioned and the dissenters say about the revival and its leaders

Praise enthralls; pressure appalls
Conroy disputes spontaneity of worship
Services changed their lives, many say
Well planned revival continues growing
Pennsylvania church changes after members visit the revival
Burned by theology? Charges spark 'Backdraft' on Internet
Editorials: Secrecy, guesswork still hurt revival
Viewpoint: Revival leaders: Reports give distorted look
A Pentacostal View

Sunday, April 5, 1998

Kilpatrick's claims cast doubt, leave questions unanswered
Arizona is still waiting for taxes on sales during Pastor John kilpatrick's visit in March
Ministers still far from goal of ECFA approval
Hill and Kilpatrick pay sales taxes to Florida, Alabama

Thursday, Mar. 5, 1998

Brownsville Revival's crusade to change financial procedures
Sales tax still a problem for ministers to solve
Hill wants to separate money and message
What's next for the crusades

Sunday, Dec. 21, 1997

Revival leaders pay overdue sales tax

The Money and the Myths Part I

Thursday, Nov. 20, 1997:

How true are the Brownsville Revival claims about healing, charity, crime reduction and addiction reduction? Is the church and revival a good neighbor? Where can critics and questioners go for answers? What advice do pastors and spiritual leaders offer?

Revival benefits: Fact or fiction?
Escambia sheriff disputes claims of crime reduction
Neighborhood sees no benefit from revival
No medical proof of 'miraculous healings'
Confused? Question, reason, consult the Bible
Addicts may be getting false hope, experts say
Dad says church was no help
Other churches reach out to community

Wednesday, Nov. 19, 1997:

What criticisms are Bible scholars, theologians and Pentecostal church members voicing about the revival? How does the revival differ from Pentecostal worship and fundamentals?

Pastor orchestrated first revival
Brownsville Revival similar to one in Toronto
Critics attack tactics, theological basis

Tuesday, Nov. 18, 1997:

Is he who he says he is? How true are his stories about his past and his stories about his money contributions to missions? What are his goals and motivations?

Hill's bio fraught with fallacies
Hill's boasts often exaggerate the facts
Money for missions fails to add up
Hill's criminal record not what he says it is
Revival's leader touts 'Son of Sam' conversion
Hill settles down on 40 acres in South Alabama
Teen Challenge is Hill's longtime favorite

Monday, Nov. 17,1997:

Has the revival changed the Brownsville Assembly of God leader`s lifestyle and style of pastoring? What do his neighbors and his flock see behind the pulpit image? What does he say about himself? Why have people left Brownsville Assembly of God?

Kilpatrick rules over revival
Pastor's visions launched his career
New lifestyle includes a $310,000 coach
Kilpatrick takes hard line against dissenters
Pastor's homes raise financial questions
Authors: Prophecies aim to silence critics
Kilpatrick: History shows revivals are divisive
Sadness, fear fill members who left Brownsville

Sunday, Nov. 16, 1997:

How much money is the church and individual pastors making from the revival and where is all the money going?

Secrets inside the revival
Church budget is $6.6 million
On the road: Pleas for money intensify
Give at least $100 revival leaders urge
Brownsville Revival costly, figures are vague
Revival maestro's money, business is no secret
Ministry fails to meet watchdog's guidelines
Revival for sale through merchandise
3 top ministers fail to pay state sales tax

Two Years and Counting

June 1997

Brownsville attracting media from around world
'It is all about getting Christians fired up'

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