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Welcome to the NUTS site... It is currently in the process of a complete redesign and reconstruction that may take some time...

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05 Aug '98 - Nuts Site back online!
After a slight break, this site is back up and running. It is no longer on my own PC, but on a Pentium Pro 200 with UltraWide SCSI hard drives and a nice fast link to the world at large. Unfortunately, this means that the page will not be updated as frequently. C'est la vié.

12 Jul '98 - PowerMOD 0.38 released
A few more updates... Plus, non-linear mixing... PowerMOD is now LOUDER than ever!

04 Jul '98 - ApacheSSL 1.2.6 Announcement
Comming soon, ApacheSSL 1.2.6 and soon after, 1.3.0. - I've just graduated from Reading University so now I'll have a little bit of time to do this. 1.2.6 is currently being tested on this computer...

14 Apr '98 - Antony's Comment
Everyone has a tough day every now and then - and in a fit of frustration, I wrote the comment. Feel free to email me with your opinions...

27 Mar '98 - PowerMOD updated
PowerMOD has been updated to version 0.37 - Get yours now!

26 Mar '98 - Site Redesign
Yup. He's doing it again! I'm currently planning a new cleaner design for the site, and I'll be writing for myself a suite of utilities to make my life easier.
"Why the change?" I hear people ask... Well, the new layout will be easier for me to maintain (I hope).

11 Jan '98 - Available Soon...
Native SSLeay 0.8.1 librarys for OS/2 in DLL format - compiled with Watcom C - No EMX runtime required. Perfect for SSL enabling your internet/intranet applications. I hope to be able to include Virtual Pascal headers/samples in addition to the C headers...
Email me if interested at

7 Jan '98 - Apache-SSL 1.2.5 for OS/2 now available!
I've made a new site - for the Apache-SSL for OS/2 (international) at The docs haven't changed much... but more modules are compiled in.

1998 will be a good year for OS/2. Especially with Bill Gates announcing that he is terrified of OS/2... People are gonna ask "What is this OS/2?".

This site is supporting Opera Software's Project Magic! And you?

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