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Words From the WELL...
Carol Brightman explores the Grateful Dead's place in American culture in her new book Sweet Chaos: The Grateful Dead's American Adventures. Inkwell.vue is the only open-view WELL conference, available for reading by non-members. Enjoy the conversation.

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WELL Gift Certificates and books by many of the experts, artists and authors of The WELL are featured in our bookstore. Find a book by your favorite WELL writer, captured between the covers, or give a gift of The WELL.

The WELL's Online Writing Contest
The Winners Are...

Donna deMedicis, Christy Sheffield Sanford, Steve Silberman and Miriam Zellnik take honors in the WELL's Online Writing Awards. Proof positive that good writing lives online.

From the Words Conference:

Used by permission of (matisse):

Is there a word for the pointy thing protruding from a cartoon speech-bubble?

If not, what should the word be?


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Digital creator Fleur Helsingor has merged her musical talent with her artistic bent to present an audio-visual paean to the planets, as well as a glimpse into the world of multi-user environments.

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