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* a bummer

* above all

* a drop in the bucket

* as a rule

* a spitting image

* cool

* in the black

* in the red

* in the works

* (it) beats me

* on the edge of my seat

* sitting pretty

* the sky's the limit
* to bark up the wrong tree

* to be a drag

* to be a wet blanket

* to be eating out of someone else's hand

* to be head over heels

* to be in hot water

* to be out of it

* to be psyched

* to be raining cats and dogs

* to be up to one's ears

* to beat around the bush

* to bend over backwards

* to bite off more than one can chew

* to break the news

* to brush up on something

* to bug someone

* to bump into

* to call it quits

* to catch up

* to check someone (or something) out

* to chew the fat

* to come down with

* to cost an arm and a leg

* to cut the cheese

* to drop by

* to get away with something

* to get off on someone or something

* to get off someone's back

* to give someone a break

* to give someone the shirt off one's back

* to goof off

* to grab a bite to eat

* to have a bone to pick with someone

* to have a crush on someone

* to jerk around

* to leave the nest

* to monkey around

* to own up to

* to paint the town red

* to pick someone's brain

* to play it by ear

* to pull someone's leg

* to ring a bell

* to screw

* to sleep on it

* to toss one's cookies

* under the weather

* when it rains it pours

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