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X-Men The Ravages of Apocalypse

Publisher - WizardWorks

Developer- Zero Gravity

System - PC CD-ROM

Review By - Dave Z


Replay Value






Quake is positively one of the single greatest games that has ever been released for the PC. If you have only played Quake straight out of the box you may think that I am going a bit overboard and that the game isn't that impressive, but Quake is much more than what you get when you first install it. You really haven't played Quake unless you've downloaded all the additions like Quakeworld, GL Quake, Capture the Flag, Team Fortress and so on. The additions like those really extended the overall life and play value of what is a rather old game.

And even with the release of its phenomenal sequel, Quake II, it is even showing more signs of life with Total Conversions, like Malice, and now X-Men The Ravages of Apocalypse. Published and distributed by GT Interactive's Wizard Works division, X-Men The Ravages of Apocalypse is a Total Conversion of Quake that has been created by the joint venture of Marvel Interactive and Zero Gravity. It features many of Marvel's uncanny X-Men characters, like Wolverine, Archangel, Bishop, Cyclops, Iceman, Beast, Cannonball, Gambit, Phoenix, Psylocke, Storm, Rogue and Wolverine.

The story revolves around you trying to battle an army of X-Men clones to find the ultimate weapon to help you stop the devious plot to take over the planet by the X-Men enemy, Apocalypse. The storyline isn't really that deep or fulfilling, but it is definitely more exciting and meaningful than what you get with regular Quake, especially if you happen to be a fan of the X-Men.

In addition to having an entirely different storyline and premise behind the game, this Quake TC features two completely new episodes with 18 exciting levels that have a very comic book feel and look to them. The single player levels have an excellent design and feature a lot of complex puzzles, traps and riddles that you must solve in order to get past them.

New weapons are also available in the game and they include the following: Power Fist, Chain-gun, Flamethrower, Shotgun, Plasma Cannon, Orb Launcher, Dual Rocket-launcher and Nuclear Energy Radiation Dispatcher. Just as in Quake, the ammo for these weapons and various power-up items are scattered throughout the levels. Some new power-ups include three different types of armor, a rapid fire power up, super power power-up, red supercharge and the Ruby of Cyttorak, which makes you temporarily invulnerable.

Of course, just having some fancy weapons wouldn't be enough to fit the comic book super hero theme of the game. Each of the X-Men clones is equipped with super hero powers like their comic book counterparts. Iceman has a freeze attack, Storm has a breeze attack, Wolverine has a claw attack, and so on. What's really cool is that if you attack one of the Iceman clones with something like a flame thrower, you'll end up with a pile of water, which is very cool.

Even though a solid single player game is of importance, when first person shooters are concerned, the multiplayer mode of the game is without a doubt the most important aspect of the game. X-Men TC manages to succeed in this department because it supports a decent variety of play options.

There are two play modes offered, "Powers Only" and "All Weapons." Powers Only allows you to only use your characters special moves, of which there are two per character. And the "All Weapons" mode allows both the single-play weapons and special moves to be used.

There is also a Team Play mode that is available that allows you to choose teams based on the character that you choose to use. All same characters are on the same team. You can play this game play mode with friendly fire turned on or off.

Graphically, X-Men The Ravages of Apocalypse is a very impressive game (in GL mode). While it's still using the Quake engine, it looks more like Jedi Knight than it does look like Quake. This is because the game use more bright colored textures, instead of the dark brownish textures that you normally see in Quake. Also, the models of the different X-Men characters are very impressive and do them justice. It would have been nice to have a greater variety of enemies, rather than just the X-Men clones, but what they have are quite good. It doesn't have all the excellent lighting effects that you get in Quake II, but it does feature some new environmental hazards and effects, like lightning, flame traps and steam that looks really cool.

Simply put, X-Men The Ravages of Apocalypse is an excellent Total Conversion of Quake. It may not appeal to the hardcore Quake player as much as the Malice TC or Activision's two expansion packs, but it does a splendid job of using the Marvel license in creating a very fun and enjoyable game.

Overall Rating