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St. ScullyLast updated February 13, 1999

Spiritual Exercise

Celebrate Valentine's Day in style! Check out the February OBSSE newsletter, and enjoy "VD" with a little "S&M," grab your own personal "Angstalator," or take a trip to The View and witness OBSSE World Domination--one talk show at a time...


OBSSE Newsletter Now Indexed!

Trying to track down the OBSSE's infamous "Scullyrita" recipe? Heard about the famous Pool Floaty catalog?  Need to find the supplies for making St. Scully On A Stick??? Then you need to check out our new News for the OBSSEsed Newsletter Article Index. The index lists, month by month, all articles that have been included in the Order's newsletter since it premiered in March 1997. Thanks to OBSSE Member Jacqui for putting this all together!


"Ask the OBSSE Elders"

Have a suggestion, question, or comment about the OBSSE, the web site, the mailing list, or the chats??? Feel free to drop one of the OBSSE Elders a line. You can find their email addys in the About Us section of the Abbey, or simply send a note to askobsse@yahoo.com, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Don't forget to read the FAQ first! The answer you may be looking for might already be there. (See below.)


OBSSE FAQ Available

New to the OBSSE? Confused by all the banter on the Order's Mailing List? Want to learn how to subscribe (or unsubscribe) to the mailing list? Interested in joining our OBSSE weekly chats? Check out Sister Amyzon's  OBSSE Information Site, and find out everything you ever wanted to know about the OBSSE Mailing List and more.



Commune with Your Brethren/Sistren. Join the OBSSE Mailing List and discuss All Things Scully.You also can come chat with us every Friday and Sunday nights on IRC at 9 p.m. central time on IRC server us.chatnet.org on channel #obsse. The OBSSE channel is open 24 hours a day, so drop in and commune!


OBSSEsed Fest '99

It's never too early to get OBSSEsed. Our OBSSEsed Fest party planners have already picked a place and time for our next gathering in June1999--Winter Park, Colorado. Stop by the November '98 issue of News for the OBSSEsed for the first word on this OBSSE Extravaganza. Remember, there's "nunthing" like it! ;-)


Awards! Awards! We Love Awards!!!

Best GA Site AwardA number of awards have been bestowed upon the OBSSE web site lately, and we, being a humble bunch, are naturally humbled. But of all the awards we've been given, our favorite has to be being named as one of the "Best Gillian Anderson Sites" by the Mulder It's Me web site. Thanks Jack!


Still Lurking?

Are you OBSSEsed at heart? Have a Scullyistic Spirit? Want to join the Sisters and Brothers, but still haven't made the big move? Check out this special message from the OBSSE, and join the Holy Order today


We've Had a Visitation

Check out the Missive from the Sainted One Herself!!! While you're at it, sit back and enjoy our Official OBSSE Hymn.


It's an OBSSE Banner!

OBSSE members are invited to save the image above and use it on their personal web pages to display their membership in the Order and to link to the OBSSE Sanctuary. Non-members are asked to contact the OBSSE for permission to use the banner on their web sites. For an animated OBSSE Banner, go here.


Words of Wisdom from Our Saint


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