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SHOUTCAST is a Nullsoft Winamp-based distributed streaming audio system. SHOUTcast enables anyone with the Winamp high-fidelity audio player and a dial-up Internet connection to broadcast or tune in to Internet streaming audio. If you don't have Winamp, you'll need to download it to experience SHOUTcast.

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Way cool.
Grand Royal Records, the Beastie Boys' label, is SHOUTcasting 24/7 live and direct. GR bands include Luscious Jackson, Bis, Ben Lee, Sean Lennon, etc. Click to listen or check out the Grand Royal site. Contact if you'd like to relay the GR stream.


RankHost[Genre] DescriptionListeners/maxBitrate[Techno] === 200 PROOF TECHNO ===127/128128 kbps[Techno] Loud Factory - Techno, Trance, DnB, Jungle, Triphop - 24/7109/12816 kbps[Various] KUCI 88.9FM74/10024 kbps[No-name show pre-recorded and rebroadcasted hourly] Sn00ze 10564/20000020 kbps[Comedy] All Jerky Boys All The Time (Uncensored from the Ghetto)59/10024 kbps[POP] Good Times & Great Oldies, 99WAY in Macon,Georgia. Hosted By www.pcihost.com35/20124 kbps[psy trance/techno] [_ g o a b l a z e _] -) Vibes for the hyperspace generation. (mirrors under techno) Set your mind in motion. P.L.U.R out!33/5240 kbps[Rock/Alternative, 80, Techno, Ambient, Pop, Goth, Mixed] -=- MPEGRadio.Com -=- Wah Hah! Variety32/32112 kbps[80s/Pop] Savant`s 80`s POP! station - []32/40128 kbps[Underground alternative station] Ragtime - nie vysielanie iba rozne mp3 !!!!30/3216 kbps

View complete SHOUTcast directory.


    13.APR.1999 20:25PM CST
    GameSpy Industries has release MP3Spy 1.0, a chat-enabling "front-end" to SHOUTcast. This is a must-see for all SHOUTcast fans.


    04.MAR.1999 17:35PM CST
    Unsure how to keep your SHOUTcast webcast legal? Get information from the source. Read the RIAA FAQ. We'll be adding permanent links to the RIAA FAQ on the SHOUTcast info page and recommend that all other SHOUTcast information sites do the same.


    24.JAN.1999 4:45PM CST
    I've created two mailing lists for SHOUTcast, a discussion open-forum group (with available daily digest) and an announcement-only list for those of you who want to keep on top of SHOUTcast developments. Both are available for immediate subscription by sending mail to the listserver.

    To join the announcement mailing list, send email to
    To join the general discssion mailing list, send email to

    I hope that being able to collaborate with Justin, myself, and other SHOUTcast providers will be a good way to enrich the featureset, and discuss the future of SHOUTcast!


    23.JAN.1999 8:37PM CST
    After unborking, Tom decided it was high time he made 1.01 for elf FreeBSD and Linux glibc. They're in the download section. I'll be working on more builds tomorrow and posting them as well. It fixes most of the sourcing problems (server hangs when the source Winamp dies.)


    15.JAN.1999 1:37AM MST
    We've got SHOUTcast server v1.01 done which is mostly a bug-fix release. It has more robust timeouts which make running remote servers much less of a hassle. The win32 version is the only one up on the page right now, but Tom will be building the unix versions over the weekend for everone else. The win32 version now scrolls correctly on all systems.

    Oh, and by the way, all you people running servers out there, please make your Genre string a list of keywords (i.e. rock 80s pop). Thanks you.


    9.JAN.1999 9:24AM CST
    For some wierd reason, I was awake at 7 a.m. on a Saturday, so I compiled a BSDi version for the kids. It's over in ye olde download section.


    4.JAN.1999 8:30PM MST
    I spent some time improving There are genres and the like to make it more organized. Some notes:
    • The genres are NOT FINALIZED. Don't be emailing us which ones we missed.
    • Server owners: please set the genre field of your source client to be one of the genres. If your server can't be categorized easily in any one, just seperate a couple different genres with spaces. Don't abuse it, though, or we'll ban you.
    Hope it all works good...


    3.JAN.1999 2:56PM CST
    We're no longer offering support via Efnet. Too many power-tripping 14 year olds for us to deal with.


    31.DEC.1998 4:43PM MST went ahead and released Winamp 2.06, which among other things has improved support for SHOUTcast. Go get it now!

    31.DEC.1998 11:10AM CST
    Michael Robertson @ did an interview with Justin that might answer questions some people are having about SHOUTcast. Check it out! made mention of SHOUTcast. We're riding the Slashdot effect :) Thanks, guys!

    This article from CNET's talks a little about Justin and me, too.

    So, let's see... Three major sites with news about Shoutcast when we didn't even set an official release date. Cool!


    30.DEC.1998 4:00PM MST
    Welcome to, Nullsoft's brand spanking new internet radio streaming site. We've been working hard to get this site to you, so please look around and enjoy it. Being that we just opened, we also need people to run servers! Read the info page for information on how to run them.


    29.DEC.1998 1:50AM MST
    Tom and Justin have been pissing their girlfriends off by spending WAY too much time working on a new project, SHOUTcast.