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* Chemistry Magic Show
* Children's Programming
* Comics - Furries (Anthropomorphics)
* Theme Lounge & Fan Lounge
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* Filk Music
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* L.A.R.P.
* Masquerade
* Medieval
* Model Rockets


The Anime Track at ICON 18 is proud to announce four guests this year. Toshifumi Yoshida, Production Supervisor of Viz Communications, producers of Ranma 1/2 and Maison Ikkoku; Steve Bennett of Studio Ironcat, one of the only Americans to ever work in the Japanese animation industry; Jeff Thompson of The Right Stuf International; and Steve Pearl, moderator of rec.arts.anime.info newsgroup and known worldwide as America's biggest anime fan.

The Anime Track is also proud to announce two very special events. First, the return of the Dub-Your-Own-Anime: Dubbing Workshop hosted by Toshifumi Yoshida of Viz Communications. Grab a microphone and try being the voice of your favorite anime character.

Also for the first time at ICON 18 the Cel Painting Workshop, hosted by Steve Bennett of Studio Ironcat. Come paint your own animation cel, as taught by a pro.

Please E-MAIL anime@iconsf.org for more information!

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Art Show

New Art Demonstration & Clinic

An exciting new program has been added to the I-CON Art Show Track this year. Our first ever Illustrations Training Seminar will be conducted all day Saturday at no additional fee. Artist Guest of Honor, Todd Lockwood, and past Guests of Honor, Kevin Murphy and Doug Beekman, will be joined by other artists in instructing this eight hour class. This is sure to be an invaluable experience for the amateur and professional alike. ASFA artists are especially invited to attend.

Other Confirmed artist guests include: Liz Danforth, Tom Kidd, Jeff Menges, Jill Baumann, Ed Cox, William O'Connor and Gnemo.

Contining a tradition of displaying the work of both the amateur and the professional, our annual Art Show will return to its usual location in the Dealer's Room. Only a LIMITED amount of space is available for artists not specifically invited to the con as guests. So, first come, first served starting at 5:00 p.m., Friday afternoon. As always, we CANNOT accept mail-in-artwork.

Art show panels, approximately 8' long by 4' wide will be available for $10; or half a panel (4' x 4') for $5. Remember, I-Con collects a 10% commission on all original artwork sold at the convention.

Connect artshow@iconsf.org for more information or call, (516) 565-5501. Space may be limited for participation in the Art show and the Seminar.

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Our cabaret is gearing up once again to delight and entertain you with its mix of professional and amateur talent. This year's Goup of Honor is Dark Ages Productions from Seattle. Following last years wonderful performances, magician, Vincent Furnier, belly dancer Aviva and S.B.A.M. (Stony Brook Accapella Musicians) will be returning to the I-Con cabaret stage. Appearing for the first time, musician/filkers, Mary Ellen Wessels ("MEW") and Ed Stauff, story teller Carpathian and I-Con media guest Kenny Baker will be performing. Another treat to look for will be a classic Trek parody performed by Dragon's Lair Studios.

In addition to the cabaret, we will also be holding several mini events throughout the con, including selections from Hamlet in its original Klingon (hosted together with the Klingon Language Institute), Midnight Chronicals horror reading and other weird deeds, and (in honor of the pre- prequel frenzy) a Star Wars Cantinia.

The Cabaret is now set, but we are still looking for performers to join us for the Midnight Chronicals and the Star Wars Cantinia. If you have a particularly well honed act or talent, there is still time to be added to the program. Remember, this is a family convention, so keep that in mind when submitting your act. All acts must be approved prior to the convention and are subject to the approval of the cabaret staff.

If you would like to help, or if you have an act that you believe will shine as a beacon in the night, please contact us at cabaret@iconsf.org.

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Charity Auction

One again, I-CON will be holding an (almost) no-minimum bid charity auction. (Min bid $1.) Come one, come all, have fun bidding in increments of $1 and driving the auctioneer crazy, not that he isn't already.

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Chemistry Magic Show

The Chemistry Magic Show at I-CON is generally so popular it's Standing Room Only, so come early! The show is presented by Stony Brook's own Chemistry Wizard, Dr. Chirakkal Krishnan.

Dr. Krishnan will delight and amaze us with this wonderful show, once on Saturday and again on Sunday.

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Child/Young Adult Programming

Send comments, suggestions, and offers of assistance or materials to the address below, Attn: Children's Programming, or email childrens@iconsf.org.

Note: ICON cannot be responsible for your children, and will not be providing child care. Minimum participating age - 6 years old. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

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Comics -

As always this year's programming will include 25 writers, artists, and editors from a variety of today, best comics.

Tenative guests include: Peter David, Joe Kelly, Murphy Anderson, Bill Tucci, Maria Beccari, Rich Faber, Dave Roman, Dill Kiefer, Jim Chambers, Howard Porter, Richard Brindisi, and Innervision Comics, Brian McNulty from Troma Comics, Bob Rozakis, and the Comic Book Legal Defence Fund.


Furries (Anthropomorphics)

Anthropomorphic stories & art feature humanoid animals (or are they animalistic humans?) This year's furry panel will discuss Anthropomorphic as part of society--Why is the family pet a member of the family? Why do we talk to our cars? Tenative guests: Daphine Lage, Mercy Van Vlack, Jose Calderon, Brian Yelverton, Pete Stoller and a representative from Antrocon.

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Lounges -- Theme Lounge



Were Back. The cyberbar will be open in Harriman hall 116.

For those of you that are not familiar with us, let me catch you up!!! The Cyberbar has and is always been a good place to kick back and catch your breath. We play a wide range of music. We have even been known to play music (Please label your tapes and/or CD's) our customer's bring in. Its a place to go if you want to disappear in to the shadows or just relax with some friends.

But where are my manners, I haven't even introduced myself I am RANDOM. I have been the night manager of the bar since its creation. I have also taken on a partner, SPARROW. She is as deadly as she is beautiful and intelligent.

We've planned several events this year. In no particular order: Is our annual magic shows, We've also planned a custom contest for the kids on Saturday. Later on in the day a fantasy custom contest for the adults, as well as a SCIFI custom contest prizes(a free membership to next year's convention for each of the three winners) . Don't forget we've planned a makeup and custom workshop for saturday and sunday mornings. There's also cabaret guests performing skits at the bar throughout the weekend. At night the light dim but the music and fun doesn't stop. Featured SATURDAY NIGHT, starting @ 11p.m. the Cyber Bar is Moving to Javtis 105. We will be hosting the Caste Party for the Cabaret. Meet the performer and Guests.


Larps are encouraged to contact us, if they wish to use the bar as a back drop. If you've been to the bar before and have a suggestion for this years bar or next years E-Mail me at RANDOM72@aol.com. Feel free to do the same if you have any Questions about anything at the bar.


Lounges -- Fan Lounge

If you're looking for a place with less "loud music and spectacle", check out Sanctuary. Just sit and catch your breath, chat with old friends, or meet new ones. Consult our Pocket Schedule during the con fro the location of both the Cyberbar and the Fan Lounge.

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Dealers' Room

Come check our Dealers LIST. Dealers: Get free advertising! Reserve your table for next year early, and your company will be on this list!

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Filk Music

Filk has been called "Science Fiction Folk Music." The filk tradition began with music-lovers gathering in the evenings at science fiction conventions, sort of like a campfire sing-a-long without the fire. Like anything else touched by science fiction people, though, we had to add our own creative touch to it, until it had been perverted to the point where few could sense its humble folk origins.

Modern filkers have been known to perform practically anything that catches their fancy, including well-known tunes with new lyrics, completely original songs, instrumentals from harp to bagpipe to synthesizer, early rock, and even bluegrass.

Open filk will probably begin in the hotel around 9 PM on Friday and Saturday, and traditionally lasts until everybody loses their voice, or dawn, whichever comes first.

It's bizarre, it's unpredictable, it's uncategorizable, it's ---


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The film program will be featuring Star Trek : Insurection and The Fifth Element

AMATEUR FILMS: I-CON is requesting submissions for the 5th Annual Amateur Film Festival. This is your opportunity for your film-making to be seen! Please send your submissions on a labeled VHS video tape to Attn: Amateur Films, ICON Science Fiction, Inc , P.O. Box 550, Stony Brook, NY 11790-0550. Tapes must be recieved by March 6th. All tapes become property of ICON Science Fiction, Inc. and will not be returned, so please send a copy, not your only origional. We already have a first submission, from Texas "Horse Phasers" by Jam and Bread Productions.


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No new information yet.

L.A.R.P - Live Action Role Playing

The LARP Track is making its third appearance at I-Con 18, and we are proud to announce that we are expanding our line-up!! We have SIX guest LARPs confirmed to attend, and are looking into adding a seventh! So whether it is Medieval Fantasy, Science Fiction, the Wild West, or perhaps a world a bit darker than this one that you'd like to LARP in, we have a LARP for you!

Phoenix Rising

"Decades of Death and Despair shall give way to the world's greatest party..."

The Pandora's Box team is proud to be back at I-CON 18 to offer Phoenix Rising, the sequel to Pandora's Box. Phoenix Rising will be comprised of approximately 110 characters, and pre-registration is HIGHLY recommended, as characters are first-come, first-serve, and priority will be given to web-registrants. You can get more info and pre-register at the Phoenix Rising Web Site at http://DanMahoney.com/larp/ . We hope to have a snail-mail pre-registration form available soon.

Phoenix Rising is set in New Orleans during Mardi Gras in the year 2160. The genre is "Cybergothic", which means some virtual combat, some MUDing, some storyteller, some shadowrun, and some stuff we can't even define. You need not have been a player in Pandora's Box to participate.

This is NOT a Boffer Sword Larp. A costume contest is on the agenda. Watch this space and the website for more info.

Droidd Factory

Droidd Factory, which debuted at I-CON 17, will be presenting "Elrood Sector: Fortunes & Misfortunes", a new STAR WARS adventure. Interact with our STAR WARS universe as you portray a pilot, a rebel, an imperial spy, or your favorite kind of scum. There will be out of this world props and costumes, so dress for the occasion. For more information, visit our Web Page at http://tatooine.fortunecity.com/lucas/300 or e-mail us at DroiddFact@AOL.com. Thank you and may the force be with you at I-CON 18.

Mythical Journeys

Mythical Journeys brings your adventures to life by recreating a fantasy medieval village filled with monsters, magic, and mayhem! Don't read about it in books or see it in the movies -- become part of the action in this interactive improvisational adventure! Be the hero or heroine that saves the day! Explore a vast wood riddled with fantastic creatures, lost caverns, forgotten dungeons, forbidden crypts, fairies, unicorns, and more! Solve mind-boggling riddles, uncover age-old secrets,discover arcane magics, read ancient lore, visit the Inn, mix an alchemical potion, or battle horrifying monsters to name just a few of countless options. The choices are yours to make as you become intertwined in this epic adventure!
Mythical Journeys will be presenting a "Module" style adventure at I-CON 18:
ENTER THE ORACLE....Journey through the twisted Maze of Truok in search of the legendary Oracle. If you survive the journey, and keep your wits, you may just return with a secret worth dying for...

PDQ Productions - Star Trek

PDQ Star Trek Live Action Role Playing is a original game with 5 years of history and play testing. The game is simple to learn and fast past. Come play your own Starfleet officer or Klingon or Romulan or even Ferengi! For more information write Quick@vol.com or check out our web page at; http://earth.vol.com/~quick Info on Games running at I-Con 18:

"Romulan and Julia.."

You are cordially invited to attend the Wedding of Dr. Julia to Romulan Fleet Commander Tr'elan on the Recreational vessel Star Princess as it cruises along the Neutral Zone. Bubbly... or something ...will be flowing in the aisles...after all nothing ever happens in the Neutral Zone...

"Science of Evil"

You are on patrol when you come across the Starfleet vessel USS Pitman. She appears to be a drift in space. As you close with her sensors show no life signs and a warp core breach in progress. As you down load her logs and examine them you find that the Captain has murdered his own crew. Join us as we search for the answers to the mystery we call "The Science of Evil"

"Dark Force"

Tiva. A beautiful planet full of mystery. A trusted member of the United Federation of Planets for over 30 years. Why suddenly has she closed her borders and recalled all of her starships? Federation ships that have approached the system have been fired upon. No one is being allowed in or out. Starfleet has chosen a group of officers to go in and find out what is going on. You can join that group of officers.

Harrrowed Ground: Live Action Deadlands

Theatre in the Darkness of Our Soul is proud to present Harrowed Ground: Live Action Deadlands! This 12 hour event is the first of a long series of Live Action Deadlands events, the first large scale continuous event in the nation! For more information visit Theatre in the Darkness of Our Soul at our Web Page: http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Fortress/3841/theatre.htm or e-mail us at TDOS@juno.com.
Land's End... a quiet town, 1876... but not our own...
The Civil War still rages on, and Land's End is smack in the middle of the war...
If you kill someone, you just might get a chance to meet them again, because the dead are known to come a'callin' on old friends and enemies...
And calling someone a card cheat might get your soul ripped out of your body by a sorcerous Huckster, blown to bits by some Mad Scientist's devil-inspired contraption, or maybe just shot so full of holes that the townfolk can use you as a screen door.
Back in 1863, a vengeful Indian warband called the Last Sons unleashed some powerful evil on the world, and nothing has been the same since. Thing is, you can do something about it, if you got some grit and some guns. And the world needs some heroes, because there's some nasty stuff... but you're not scart, are ya?
Watch the Weird West come alive with Harrowed Ground: Live Action Deadlands, using the Deckslinger system!!! Feel free to contact us at TDOS@juno.com for character creation guidelines, or use characters provided.

Vampire: Mind's Eye Theatre

Welcome to the Long Night, the time when humanity ceases to hold sway at the top of the food chain. With the setting of the sun, the world's cities become home to the most fearsome of all creatures... the vampire. These secret masters of the night time landscape exist in all strata of society. Their insatiable desires for power and political gains turn the streets we walk by day into a chessboard of the most dangerous kind.

Mind's Eye Theatre, from White Wolf Publishing, is a live-action roleplaying game set in a dark mirror to our own reality. The players take on the persona of their characters, moving as they would move and speaking as they would speak. Live Action Vampire at I Con 18 will give players the chance to explore this World of Darkness in two different ways:

Stony Brook by Night: A modern day gathering of the undead from throughout the New York suburbs.

Postuma Nectat: The true Masters of medieval society assemble by candlelight in the feasting halls of Europe (Note: for experienced roleplayers only).

Watch this space for more information, including game summaries and on-line registration.

**UPDATE**: Please note that pre-registration for "Postuma Nectat" is required, and pre-pregistration for "Stony Brook by Night" is highly recommended!!! For more information, and to pre-register for either of these games, visit http://members.home.net:80/jrappapo or e-mail vampLARP@usa.net.

Contacting LARP... For more information, or if you have any questions, plese contact Cheryl Murphy at larp@iconsf.org, or write to ICON Science Fiction, Inc., PO Box 550, Stony Brook, NY 11790-0550, Attn: LARP.

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Masquerade Balls & Costume Contests

While the traditional I-CON Costume Contest and Masquerade Ball will be held again Saturday evening.

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Medieval Programs

Greetings from the Barony of An Dubhaigeainn, the Suffolk County, Long Island, branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism! We will once again be giving demonstrations of hand-to-hand fighting on foot. We specialize in armored combat of the Middle Ages and fencing of the Renaissance! Look for us outdoors on the lawn across from the front of the ISC on Saturday and Sunday afternoons from 2 pm to 4 pm. If it rains, we will still be giving demonstrations of medieval arms and armor. Rain on Saturday, we'll be in Psych A 137, rain on Sunday, we'll be in the Student Union Bi-level.

New this year, the populace of the Barony of An Dubhaigeainn will be entertaining you on Saturday evening with a revel in the style of the Middle Ages. We will have games, dancing, and of course, Medieval food, as well as displays of crafts and armor. We will be showing off our garb, but all I-CON members are invited to come as you are.

Again this year Medieval Track will be offering workshops on various topics to meet all your fantasy and LARPing needs!

The Timeless Art of Middle Eastern Dance with Lady Avril Boulle (Aviva!) A discussion and demonstration about the history, character and movements of this oldest of exotic dance forms.

Medieval and Renaissance Headwear with Lady Séadach Dubháilceach History and construction of a selection of European hats and headdresses from the Medieval & Renaissance periods.

Medieval Garb for Everyone with Lady Laurel Helena of An Dubhaigeainn Basic simple garb anyone can do for a LARP or SCA event. All are welcome, beginner or advanced.

Beadwork and Embroidery with Althea de Grimm

Leather for LARPers with Lord Carlin of Eastwood This workshop will teach the basics of working with leather, and demonstrate how to make a simple pouch and a simple pair of arm bracers. The tools necessary for basic leather working will be demonstrated as well.

Soft-leather garments and Period footwear with Cian ua'Lochain Including the Duct-Tape and T-shirt/Tubesock pattern methodology

Leatherworking with Francesco de Grimm A demonstration of leather craft and wet-molding to make masks and ornate bracers; leather bodices will also be on display.

Fletching with Cian ua'Lochain
Creating SCA-legal arrows

Panel: The Experience of Time Travel through Re-enacting
with George Berotti, Will Franz, Joseph Heller, David Mutter, Kevin O'Malley, and Gary Vorland

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Model Rocket Launch Demo

Once again, the LIARS (Long Island Advanced Rocketry Society) will be providing an assist and there will be a display in the artshow. Sorry, but due to insurance restrictions this is just a demo. No outside kits allowed.

Model rocket launches are, of course, subject to weather. Nor'easters, hurricanes, and/or other gale force winds could put a damper on this event.

Children are, as always, most welcome. Look for a hands-on lecture and video show Friday (indoors).

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