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Microsoft® Visual C++ 5.0 Enterprise Edition

Computer/ Processor Personal computer with a 486DX2/66 or higher processor (Pentium® 90 recommend)
Memory 20 MB of RAM (32 MB recommended) for Windows 95; 24 MB (32 MB recommended) for Windows NT Workstation
Hard Disk Typical installation: 180 MB, Minimum installation: 125 MB, CD-ROM installation (tools run from the compact disc): 60 MB, Maximum installation: 550 MB,
Drive CD-ROM drive w/32-bit protected mode CD-ROM driver
Display VGA or higher-resolution monitor (Super VGA recommended)
Operating System Microsoft Windows® 95 operating system or Windows NT® Workstation operating system version 4.0 or later
Peripheral/ Miscellaneous Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device

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