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PPG Sages

This page lists all the Sages of the PPG.  Each Sage is a person who has volunteered to assist you in your quest for your PPG award.  These people will also help you in various different areas.  Read on...

Feel free to contact a Sage if you need any assistance.  If you are interested in becoming a Sage yourself, e-mail the Guildmaster.

The PPG offers several FAQ lists to help you out, so be sure to check there first before contacting a Sage.  If you need to contact an PPG officer or administrator, stop by the Contact Page.

  • Sagemaster
    • This position is currently available. If you wish to fill this position, please email the GuildMaster. (use the link above)
  • Agent420
    • Kahn95, Descent Tactics, IRC
  • Diadems
    • HTML/JAVA, Tactics/Training, Configs, Hardware, Overclocking
  • Karash
    • Devil, Tactics & Training
  • Nanook
    • Win95 setup, Internet setups, VAX/VMS, General Win95/Dos
  • Scorp
    • Kali (95 and DOS, Netcom experience), IHHD, Devil, IRC, Web, Kchat
  • Shadowhawk
    • Descent Tactics & Training, Kali95 (with netcom), IRC, Basic HTML
  • Zapp
    • Descent Training & Tactics, Descent Config, Kali (DOS), IRC
  • Anchovie
    • Tactics, Playing styles, Keyboard setups, Chording, Kali 95/Dos
  • Dracula
    • Kali, ISDN Configuration, General Technical Help Related to the Internet
  • Merl
    • HTML, win95 internet problems, kali, modem config for games, dos
  • Ralgha
    • Kali, IRC, Complaining, Tactics & Training, Devil
  • Scrapper
    • HTML, UNIX, eggdrop bots, javascript, IRC
  • SpankE
    • Kali (DOS), Descent 2 Setup, PPG Tour