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Recent additions:
  • Blackbox (puzzle) 04/17
  • Bricklayer World Tour (arcade) 04/15
  • BumpRace (action) 04/13
  • Cyphesis (under development) 04/12
  • Real Time Battle (strategy) 04/12
  • Xskijump (arcade) 04/12
  • Robot Race (under development) 04/12
  • NetSpades (card) 04/12
  • OS Wars (under development) 04/12
  • Ace of Penguins (card) 04/09
  • TTYQuake (toy) 04/07
  • Simple DirectMedia Layer (code) 04/07
  • JUGL (code) 04/07
  • GAMES (code) 04/07
  • ClanLib Game SDK (code) 04/06

    Recently updated or reviewed:

  • Xonix (arcade) 04/17
  • Koules (arcade) 04/17
  • Simple DirectMedia Layer (code) 04/17
  • BumpRace (action) 04/17
  • State of Mind (toy) 04/16
  • ZNibbles (arcade) 04/15
  • KLACK (arcade) 04/14
  • Heretic (action) 04/14
  • Xmame (arcade) 04/13
  • Pingus (under development) 04/12
  • OS Wars (under development) 04/12
  • XQF (util) 04/12
  • XSoldier (arcade) 04/11
  • XKobo (action) 04/11
  • Battalion (action) 04/11

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    Blackbox 0.80new 17 Apr 1999 11:12
    Category: Puzzle
    Description: You can shoot into the blackbox and you can look where your shots go out of it. In the box blocks are reflecting your shots. You have to guess where the blocks are.


    Karl Bartel

    Raider's Saga  15 Apr 1999 14:15
    Phoenix Kokido has begun work on a a new console-style fantasy game called Raider's Saga, for Linux and Win32. It's in a very early stage of development, but Kokido is seeking help and feedback. Check out the web page for more details.
    Bob Zimbinski

    ZNibbles 0.0.3updated 15 Apr 1999 12:17
    Category: Arcade
    Avg. Rating: (not yet rated)

    Description: A classic multiplayer nibbles game

    Changelog: This is a maintenance release. Focus problems in Motif client are mostly fixed. New `--help' and `--version' options parameters, along with a little more help and some code clean-up.


    Bob Zimbinski

    Bricklayer World Tour 0.1new 15 Apr 1999 11:28
    Category: Arcade
    Description: Bricklayer World Tour is a Breakout-style arcade game for the Gnome environment under Linux. The bricks you must knock away comprise pictures of famous structures from around the world.

    This is the first release of this game, and so contains few levels, unpretty graphics and probably some bugs. But it works.


    Bob Zimbinski

    KLACK 0.005updated 14 Apr 1999 13:59
    Category: Arcade
    Avg. Rating: ***

    Description: Small 2D game with spheres

    Changelog: Added a real start menu and one multiplayer game mode. The game mode is displayed in the game. (see page for details).

    Andre Kloss

    Heretic 1.0beta2updated 14 Apr 1999 10:21
    Category: Action
    Avg. Rating: ****

    Description: A Linux port of Raven Software's popular doom-engine game


    • Heretic runs on Alpha-machines now ! (code is 64bit-clean)
    • now possible to use original '[' and ']' keys for inventory access instead of 'k' and 'l', if "-DORIG_INVKEYS" defined in Makefile
    • background run (SVGALib version only) support; vgaeretic will run on the background, while you're switched off the console it runs on. This can for example save network game from loosing client connection. Background running is allowed by default. To disable this behaviour, specify "-nobgrun" commandline switch and pass it as parameter to vgaheretic.
    • mouse sensitivity regulation now works within the full range (0-100%)
    • while in demo modes, the main menu pop-up is now possible only through the ESC key
    • Heretic-home(~/.heretic) directory permissions are now solved (If vgaheretic is started as suid-root by a user, then he will be the owner of the (~/.heretic)-directory.)
    • some or more bug-fixes


    Bob Zimbinski

    Hopkins FBI for Linux is shipping  14 Apr 1999 10:14
    According to their Linux order page MP software's Hopkins FBI adventure game is available now. If you order today, you should have your copy within 10 days. You can order by phone, fax, mail, or online via RegSoft, or order online from Yaskifo, who accepts payment in many non-US currencies. Rush over there now and check out this great Sierra-style adventure game.
    Bob Zimbinski

    Civ:CTP for Linux has gone gold  14 Apr 1999 10:00
    Loki Entertainment Software's home page contains the following brief message:
    It's Gold. Nuff Said.
    They're referring, of course, to the color of President Scott Draeker's boxer shorts.
    Wait. No.
    They mean the gold master of the Civ disk has gone to the duplicators for mass production. It's gonna ship soon. Yay!
    Bob Zimbinski

    Xmame 0.35b10.2updated 13 Apr 1999 22:11
    Category: Arcade
    Avg. Rating: *****

    Description: A fantastic arcade game emulator.

    Changelog: This release fixes some problems that occurred on non-x86 platforms.


    Bob Zimbinski

    BumpRace 0.60new 13 Apr 1999 17:40
    Category: Action
    Description: A very siple action game. Get from the start to the finish. There are different types of obstacles:
    -deadly blocks
    -and mostly blocks that throw you back

    The source is available under the GPL. It's witten with SDL.


    Karl Bartel

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    Sun Apr 18 01:40:03 EDT 1999
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