Here are some GNU Texinfo manuals converted to HTML with texi2html.

  • auctex-9.3b: AUC TeX
  • bbdb-1.50: BBDB User Manual
  • bc-1.03: dc, an arbitrary precision calculator
  • dejagnu-1.2: The DejaGnu Testing Framework
  • fontutils-0.6: Font utilities
  • gettext-0.9: GNU gettext tools, version 0.8.2
  • jacal-1a5: jacal
  • mmalloc-2.0: mmalloc
  • octave-1.1.1: Octave FAQ, Octave
  • pcl-cvs-1.05.1: Pcl-cvs - The Emacs Front-End to CVS
  • psgml-1a8: Internals of PSGML, Editing SGML with Emacs and PSGML
  • slib-2a3: SLIB