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Report on house's cost
doesn't match appraisal

My wife and I are not building a home valued at $727,000. We were as surprised as anyone to see such an amazing figure (from the building permit). Actually, the official appraisal sets the value of the house and its three surrounding acres of property at less than $425,000, equal to the value of our home in Pace, which is for sale and currently vacant.

We have, in fact, secured a construction loan to build our home in Seminole (along with a second mortgage on our home in Pace). These loans will be repaid upon sale of our home in Pace. Simple mathematics would make it clear that I do not have the income to build a home without such loans.

My total and only source of income is my salary and housing package of $96,000 paid by ICN Ministries and the Brownsville Revival School of Ministry for approximately 80 hours of work per week. I have no income of any kind outside of this.

Michael L. Brown, President
Brownsville Revival School of Ministry

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